Reconstruct your household / county / state by beginning at your own kitchen table as the best D-I-Y project you can do, for openers...

First things first

As a man or woman, or silly enough, as a non-binary, and as the head of your household, as long as you are conscious and alive, you are responsible for creating and documenting your own glossary of terms. You can also accept all the default definitions from the massive commercial establishment, however once your start to arrive at your own lawful definitions, nobody can argue with you once you've got the document in hand. 


Person:   a trust, a corporation, a business, a entity, a government, a partnership, a LLC, a county, a city, a state, a labor organization, association, trustee, receiver, a statutory citizen, 

Check out the word soup, a deep rabit hole wherever legal people get involved in any thing...

If you can be born a male, but then later in life decide to tell everyone that you are now becoming another gender, then you sure as heck can write down your stated definition of the terms you are using to govern yourself. 

Can you believe that some people out there are trying to establish a fact that there are many possible genders?!  I mean, seriously?  Many genders?   

Regardless of that comedy, my Chevrolet is not a motor vehicle! is my portable prayer closet!  ...every mile marker is a Prayer Marker. When I take my car privately to go places, I don't drive... I travel. I am not a Driver.  A Driver is a hired position in commerce, using the roadways for profit.

  • Bus Driver  (paid public transportation)
  • Taxi Driver  (paid public transportation)
  • Truck Driver  (paid public transportation)
  • Garbage Truck Driver  (paid public transportation)

I am not for hire.  It took some doing, by writing to them, but now finally my insurance company has documented that my car is for private non-commercial joy riding. I don't use the common ways for earning "Internally Serviced Federal Revenue" and I love that fact -- because I am not somebody out there who is reporting internal income. I don't apply commerce terminology to my life anymore. 

Can you believe over 300 million people haven't figured out that IRS circle-jerk that's been under our noses for our entire lives?  Dah.  Think about it!

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE - getting you to employ your self IN NAME ONLY inside of some THING to then become its own INTERNAL property...  Hmm...   Let me see...   Hmmm...  Is the business I work for actually the Federal Government?  Hmmm...   Perhaps that is true if they've been tricked into false pretenses... Tricked into causing me to believe in filling out the wrong paperwork.  Then you put your signature onto government forms which cause you to endorse the false claims in commerce that you are a government employee when you are not.  Hmmmm...   Looks like it.   I didn't have a meeting about it did I?   

(Well I did. They aren't Federal. I've retired. They got tricked into applying for an EIN when they are not a Federal entity. What a mess people stand in for not preparing themselves properly.) 

You get to decide a whole lot of governance....    but due to sheer criminal intent, we are not taught even 2% of what we really should be taught in any of the Central Bank dominated countries on earth.  Why is that?  It is all about unfriendly economic control over the people and the swirling of masses of the people's wealth into the hands of the few controllers. 

Know this:   

If you are not willing or able to govern yourself, then sure as the winter is cold, you will find some agency bureaucrat standing by to govern you.  They will start off being friendly, unless of course they're decieved into the belief that you owe them 600 or more in back taxes and they want to take everything you've got so they can auction off the whole shebang, keep their lousy 600 and also keep everything else too in 27 states. 

Second things second

Turn off the television. Study the works of the authors you find at USOA. Take your studies into your notes. Take your notes into your actions. Take your actions into your self-governance. Take you self-governance into your family. Take your family into yours and their freedom. Take everything into the future of peace and prosperity without the distractions thrown in your faces by the cheating mainstream media.

Third things third

Structure and document your household meetings. Make it official by putting on the date and your autograph. 

Get yourselves set up with a reliable means for creating hard-copy printed versions of your guiding code that you make for you and your family -- code that is predicated by:

1. Your Holy Books

2. Your public law that stops you from causing any harm of any kind to any living being or their property. 


You will want to have periodic meetings with yourself to include only you or to include any other people under your roof. Print your meeting minutes.  Get everyone to initial their name statement to indicate they have all witnessed the meeting and have applied any directives to themselves. 


 Signature vs. Autograph

 signature vs autograph


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