The giant pack of lies – a genesis-like short story

By: James Allen Homyak

After you’ve begun reading here, I can only hope to sway your beliefs.

I hope you believe me when I tell you repeatedly – a need to change a mindset:

Never go to Court voluntarily!


Let's unify our front, people! Let's practice and prepare ourselves.


8 Important Bible Scriptures on preparation when conducting one's self according the Public Law 97-280

  • Proverbs 24:27. Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.

  • 1 Peter 3:15. ...

  • Luke 21:36. ...

  • Proverbs 22:3. ...

  • Matthew 24:44. ...

  • 1 Corinthians 2:9. ...

  • 1 Corinthians 9:24. ...

  • 1 John 4:1.

Portions of this story are an adaptation from various cyberspace sources with my careful attention to revising syntax and cleaning up grammatical errors of many other writers from eons gone by. I write with the intention for fair use and educational entertainment purposes without a hint of providing legal advice of any kind whatsoever. Living breathing natural men and women are not meant to be in any place designed solely for the Administrative, Civil and Criminal Business of Fictional Entities.

When we voluntarily or forcefully attend Court, we are deemed dead in fact, meaning they cannot deal with us until we admit to being dead …. a Legal Fiction …. a Trust.

Court is for Titled Persons especially those doing Business under the various Titles of Nobility: Judge/Magistrate, Mr/Madam Prosecutor, Mr/Madam Defendant, Bailiffs, Charging Officer, and Attorneys.

Natural living men and women are not recognized, so it makes sense to send in (or retain/hire, under your granting of Power of Attorney, etc.) another Fictional Person to do the role playing and play acting  ––  namely an Attorney  ––  to handle your Case(s) ….  except for one thing: they do not know how the system really works, due to their Law School and BAR Exam indoctrination. If you can find one, and starting at the very most with a “Counselor at Law” who will do as you say, then you can & will have a better chance to prevail, but most of them would rather hang onto their BAR Cards than to really behave honorably. The only thing that dead, Fictional Entities want from us is our life energy, and their only way they can get it is by our agreement to consenting to answer the summons and to then voluntarily appear in Court to impersonate a Trust role. Without us, they cannot function, so, they are desperate to get us to voluntarily walk into Court, to have us “pay a debt” which they created by charging the Trust.

Since common law Courts were no longer allowed to exist (due in part to the proprietary nature of the revised LEGALIZED BANKING system), we know that the “Case” never has anything to do with “Facts” or living men and women ….. and so, anyone who testifies (talks about the Facts of the case) is doomed. ALL Courts give the appearance of attempting to operate in Trust Law, based upon three iterations of Jurisdiction. First is colorable Maritime Commercial Jurisdiction. Second is colorable Admiralty Military Jurisdiction. Third and final is Ecclesiastical Canon Law Jurisdiction  –– a place where  ritualism, superstition, satanism, etc. is fostered  ––  to manifest as insidious, commercial law and we are in Court to take the hit, and stand as Surety/Trustee/Executor if they can trick/compel/coerce us to do so. They use every trick in the book  ––  intimidation, fear, threat, ridicule, rage, and even recesses, in order to change the Jurisdiction, when they know they are losing, in order to make us admit that we are The NAME of the trust.

When we do so, we are deemed to be the Trustee  ––  the one liable for Administering the Trust. Ergo, until now, it has been a waste of our time, energy, and emotion to go to a place where it is almost certain that we will be stuck with the liability, while they tacitly procure and retain Beneficiary status for the interest of the State whose body of legislation was used to procure such Trust at the outset.

We all know from our indoctrination, programming, and schooling that Court Judges (even before those people began doing business as Administrative Magistrates) are impartial and have sworn an oath to this effect. This means he/she must not favor either plaintiff or defendant and must not help either party by practicing Law from the Bench. However, my own experience reveals that he/she does, indeed, favor the plaintiff, indicating a glaring conflict of interest  ––  that the Prosecutor, Judge/Magistrate, and Clerk all work for the State  ––  the owner of the CQV trust, to then masquerade as the legitimate Beneficiary.

Moreover, as the case is NOT about “justice”, it must be about the administration of a Trust. They all represent the Trust owned by the State and, if we are Beneficiary, the only three positions left are Administrator, Trustee and Executor. So, if you detect the judge’s/magistrate’s partiality, although I doubt the Case will get this far, you might just want to let them know that you know this …. also that you’re sensitive to the practice of law from the bench.

What's more, is that various roles played by people in the past are now played by sub-contractors, such as the court reporter who only makes a copy of the "used to be public record" available for a fee; and the armed guard protection is now adjunct to an actual Sheriff under a foggy arms-length relationship status. Even their flags are adorned with accoutriments, and variations thereof, to signify there is no reason in God's green earth that living American people belong here, standing accused, where there wasn't any man/woman/child claimant with injury to create controversy in the first place. The top of the flagpole will be outfitted with a giant hint who/what tops off their chain of command.  

If you consider Court as entertainment and if you can stand the evil emanating from its Officers, the fear and angst oozing from the walls, and the false flag, and the treacherous atmosphere, then go in, knowing that under Trust Law you cannot be the Trustee or the Executor of a Trust, while being Beneficiary, as that would be a conflict. The position of Beneficiary may lack clout, but the other positions hold liability. Since these “State Employees” want to be the Beneficiaries of the Trust, the only way they can do so is to transfer, to you, the liability which they hold, as Trustees and Executors, because they also cannot be both the Administrators and Beneficiary of the Trust. So, Trusteeship and Executorship, (i.e.: Suretyship) becomes a hot potato and everyone employed at Court wants to toss it so she/he/they can retain Beneficiary status to receive the Credit which will flow from the Trust to the Beneficiary.

When we were born, a Foreign Situs Trust, called a Cestui Que Vie Trust (“CQV”) was set-up, for our benefit. Evidence of this is the State generated Birth Certificate document which is made in adjunct to the original Doctor signed Record of Live Birth document. But what is the value which must be conveyed to the Trust, in order to create it? It was our right to Property (via Birth into this world), our Body (via the Live Birth Record), and our Souls (via Baptism). Since the State/Province which registered the Trust is the owner, it is also the Trustee…. the one that administers the Trust. Since they, also, wanted to be Beneficiary of this Trust, they had to come up with ways (namely via the construed LEGAL PERSON) to get us, as Beneficiary, to purportedly authorize their charging the Trust, allegedly, for our benefit (via our signature on a document: citation, application, etc.), and then, temporarily transfer Trusteeship, to us, during the brief time that they want to be the Beneficiary of a particular “Constructive Trust” which a STATE created using identity theft and semantic deceit via the generating of a Trust Fund bearing a deceptively similar LEGAL NAME appearing to be spelled the same as that of our given birth name.

This means that a paper based Trust can be established anywhere, anytime, and the parties of the Trust are quickly, albeit temporarily, construed into place. But, since a Beneficiary cannot Charge a Trust –– only a Trustee can do so –– it is the State (also Commercial entities such as Utility Companies) that charges the Trust, but they do so for their benefit, not ours (albeit occasionally we do reap some benefit from that Charge but nowhere near the value which they reap. Think Bank Loan….. we reap a minute percentage of what they gain from our Authorization). So, the only way, under Trust Law, for them to be able to Charge the Trust is to get the Authorization from the Beneficiary  ––  us, and the only way for them to benefit from their Charge is to get us to switch Roles –– from Beneficiary to Trustee (the one responsible for the Accounting), and for Them to switch their Role  ––  from Trustee to Beneficiary because no party can be both, at the same time, i.e.: within the same Constructive Trust (most often construed from an alleged offense). They must somehow trick us into accepting the Role of Trustee. Why would we do so when the Trust is for our benefit? …. but how do they manage to do this?

We have to educate ourselves at undoing all the errors which began to happen from the time our parents forgot to claim our body at the Hospital Administration counter. We have to become of age and go in to the State Department of Vital Records and tell the Clerk at the Counter that we are living and breathing and not lost at sea and that we are making a limited special appearance to present the Birth Certificate and the Record of Live Birth to the Clerk and to verbally demand that their CQV Trust be liquidated and collapsed because the Trust their State Government created is no longer needed due to us claiming to be among the living, and standing on the land alive in the natural sense of these words.

However, when you/we keep on living in total oblivion to the real truth here, their continued best way to run their extortion racket of getting you/us into Court is to continue to trick you/us into unwittingly doing so. But, if we know (learn/practice/rehearse) what has transpired, prior to our being there, it is easy to know what to say so that this doesn’t happen. The Court Clerk is the hot shot, even though it appears as if the Judge/Magistrate is. The Clerk is the Trustee for both the CQV owned by the municipal State/Province and the Foreign Situs Trust owned by the Territorial Foreign Party and it is she/he who is responsible for appointing the Trustees and the Executors for any Constructive Trust –– for that particular Court case.

So she/he appoints the Judges/Magistrates as Trustees (the ones to administer the one or more Trusts) and appoints the Prosecutor(s) as Executor(s) of the Trust(s). The Executor(s) is(are) ultimately liable for the Charge because it was she/he who brought the Case into Court (created the Constructive Trust(s)) on behalf of the State/Province which charged the CQV trust / Foreign Situs Trust. Only an Executor/Prosecutor/Attorney for Plaintiff can initiate/create a Constructive Trust and we all know the maxim of law: Whoever creates the controversy holds the liability and whoever holds the liability must provide the Remedy. This is why all Attorneys are mandated to bring their Checkbooks to Court  because if it all goes wrong for them…. meaning either they fail to transfer their liability onto the alleged Defendant, or the alleged Defendant does not accept their Offer of Liability, then someone has to credit the Trust account in order to off-set the purported Debt. Since the Prosecutor is the one who issues bogus paper to Charge the Trust, it is the Prosecutor/Executor (“PE”) who is in the hot-seat.

When the Name (of the Trust), e.g.: JOHN DOE, is called by the Judge/Magistrate aka Administrator aka Trustee (“JAT”), you/we can stand and ask, “Are you saying for the record that the Trust which you are now administrating is the JOHN DOE trust?” This approach to your questioning establishes that you know that the Name is a Trust, not a live man/woman. What’s the JAT’s first question? “What’s your name?” or “State your name for the record”. We must be very careful not to identify with the NAME of the Trust because doing so makes us the Trustee. What does this tell you about the Judge/Magistrate? If we know that the Judge/Magistrate is the Trustee, then we also know that the Judge/Magistrate is that TRUST NAME, but only for this particular, Constructive Trust. Now, think about all the times that JATs have become so frustrated by any one refusing to admit to being the NAME that they issue a warrant and then, as soon as the man/woman leaves, he/she is arrested. How idiotic is that? They must feel foolish for saying, “JOHN/JANE DOE is not in Court so I’m issuing a warrant for his/he arrest” and then, the man/woman whom they just admitted is NOT there is arrested because he/she IS there. Their desperation makes them insane. They must get us to admit to being The NAME, or they pay, and we must not accept their coercion, or we pay. Because the JAT is the Trustee –– a precarious position, the best thing to say, in that situation is, “JOHN/JANE DOE is, indeed, in the Court!” Point to the JAT. “It is YOU! As trustee, YOU are JOHN/JANE DOE, today, aren’t you?!”

During their frustration over our not admitting to being a Trust NAME –– the Trustee and/or Executor of the Trust, we ought to ask who THEY are. “Before we go any further, I need to know who YOU are.” Address the Clerk of the Court –– the Trustee for the CQV Trust owned by the State/Province, “Are you the CQV’s Trustee who has appointed this Judge/Magistrate as Administrator and Trustee of the Constructive Trust case #12345? Did you also appoint the Prosecutor as Executor of this Constructive Trust?” Then point to the JAT: “So you are the Trustee”, then point to the Prosecutor, “and you are the Executor? And I’m the Beneficiary, so, now we know who’s who and, as Beneficiary, I authorize you to handle the accounting and dissolve this Constructive Trust. I now claim my Body so I hereby collapse the CQV Trust which you have Charged, as there is no value in it. You have committed fraud against all laws!” Likely, we will not get that far before the JAT will order “Case Dismissed” or, even more likely, the PE, as he/she clings tightly to his/her checkbook, will call out, “We withdraw the charges”.

We have exposed their fraud of the CQV Trust / Foreign Situs Trust which exists only on presumptions. The CQV has no Corpus, no Property, ergo, no Value. Trusts are created only upon the conveyance of Property and can exist only as long as there is Value in the Trust. But, there is no value in the instant CQV Trust at this moment, yet, they continue to expect to Charge the Trust. That is fraud! The alleged Property is we men and women whom they have deemed to be incompetent, dead, abandoned, lost, bankrupts, or minors, but that is an illusion …. so, if we claim our Body, then we collapse the presumption that the Trust has Value. They are operating in fraud –– something we’ve always known, but now we know how they do it. Our having exposed their fraud gives them only three options:

1. They can dissolve the CQV Trust –– the one for which the Clerk of the Court is Trustee and from which she/he created a Constructive Trust –– the current Case –– for which she/he appointed the Judge/Magistrate and Prosecutor to wear those Titles which hold temporary Liability –– Trustee and Executor, respectively. But they cannot voluntarily dissolve the CQV or the entire global system will collapse because they cannot exist without our energy which they obtain via that particular CQV Trust at hand. Your remedy and relief is to compel them to do so by so eloquently exposing their fraud.

2. They can enforce the existing rules of Trust Law which means, as Trustee, they can set-off their Debt and leave you/us alone. Now they know that you/we are onto their fraud and every time they go into Court to administer a Trust Account, they will not know if we are the one who will send them to jail. The Trustee (Judge/Magistrate) is the Liable Party who will go to jail, and the Executor (Prosecutor) is the one who enforces this. This is why they want us to take on both titles, because then, not only do we go to jail but also, by signing their paper, we become Executor and enforce our own sentence. They cannot afford to violate the Ecclesiastical canon laws, out of fear of ending their careers, so they are, again, trapped with no place to run.

3. They can dismiss the Cases before they even take the risk of our exposing their fraud …. which also makes no sense because then their careers, again, come to a screeching halt.

What’s a Court Clerk to do!? Pretty soon, none of these Thugs will take any Cases because the risk is too great. This will be the end of Their Kangaroo Court System. Halleluiah!

The power in Knowledge –– preparation meeting opportunity

The means by which we have attempted to assuage our problems, inflicted upon us by the PTW (powers that were) have all been superficial, compared to the origins of all the black magic, superstition, satanic ritualism, trickery, mind-control, and clandestine practices by such Role Play Actors.

Under Commercial Law, dating back to the Code of Ur-Nammu –– around 2100 BCE –– the use of another’s Property without permission puts one into Dishonor and makes him/her liable for any Debts. So, our using UCC forms, Bills of Exchange, AFV, or Bonds, and altering documents of the Roman System can create penalties, as this is trading and/or using the Property of a Corporation we do not own …. the Birth Certificate proves that the “NAME” is, in fact, the Property of the Corporation which issued it.

We can do all the paper perfectly but, in the end, they say, “Sorry; you’re not one of us.” But, now, we get to inflict fear onto them. When we are forced to Court, knowing that the Judge/Magistrate acts as the Trustee and the Prosecutor acts as Executor of the CQV Trusts is empowering. It gives us two choices:

1. If we wish to expose the fraud of presumptions, by which the CQV Trust(s) still exist, then the Court is the perfect opportunity to have them dissolved or to prove the fraud because the Trustee is sitting on the Bench. Dissolving the first CQV, dissolves them all; or,

2. If we are not inclined to use something like the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll to expose the fraud of the CQV Trusts, then, at least, we ought to know that everything the Judge/Magistrate says –– even if it sounds like a Command, Order, Opinion or Sentence –– is actually an Offer which we can choose to decline (“I do not consent; I do not accept your Offer”). This is a fundamental principle of Testamentary Trusts…… the Beneficiary can accept or decline what the Trustee offers.

For 10 years, I have reviewed all the purported remedial solutions in Commerce, and I’ve learned how those proponents have come and gone without any fanfare and none of their apparently half-baked legal theories had efficacy for enough people on enough occasions to call anything a consistent win.

 Paying for information is likely very next to insanity because those who sell information clearly have not prevailed or they wouldn’t need to sell anything, would they? Buying express, private-contract Trusts, e.g.: NACRS, is a huge waste of time and money because the entire process is too complicated for anyone with an IQ below 120 and …. “no refunds”.

I am beginning to develop Equitable solutions at law and in commerce. In recent memory, I have found that those who’ve proven to have properly documented and recorded (at their local land recorder office) their correct birthright citizenship and political status can now lawfully proceed in the formation of one local county Jural Assembly in order to reboot the American unincorporated government that is owed to the American people.

The innate practice of going forward to disregard the need for recording proper documentation in the Public Record, and other similar theoretical solutions, appear to still float endlessly around the country. Most of which approaches appear insistent upon treating symptoms rather than curing the cause –– that being the fraudulent CQV Trust and the proprietary LEGAL NAME Constructive Fraud as predicated on the original identity theft committed against the biological birth parents of a living natural baby boy or girl born in this country.

Those of you now in the know, have got to properly collapse and de-fund any State Created Trust by claiming your Body back to the outside of Their Vessel and restoring yourselves back to the birthright lands of your biological beginnings in order to restore your trade name back to yourself for any lawful international trade that you are free to contemplate.

More on these and related topics can be researched in other short stories I will continue to publish at my blog site.