The more i hammer, the more THEY acquiesce

By: Jim Homyak

Dated:  July 20, 2023 (gregorian)

As long as we can keep learning about new discoveries and how to overcome obstacles or challenge the status quo,  we too can have fun times and might also lead more interesting lives. 

Take, for instance, the name of our country.

Now this one has to be something we all hammer on too, because the actual name that we are known as -- on the international stage -- had been "obsconded with" by hoodlums and globalist money-mongers quite some time ago. 

Here are some variations we've all seen, and as you examine closely, I want you to know, that this long and lazy list fails to present you the accurate name for our actual country.

  • United States
  • the United States
  • THE US
  • US
  • the US
  • U. S.
  • the U.S.
  • USA
  • U.S.A.

What is our country's actual English proper name?

The United States of America

or, simply

The United States

What hammering have I been doing?

Countless times already, I've written to all contacts where they or their system or content has or displays our country name incorrectly.

I've asked them all very kindly to correct the name anywhere or everywhere that they want to sell me something or attempt to interest me in getting involved in anything they are doing.

Has it been a battle? Yes.

Has it been worth it? Absolutely!

What results am I seeing?  Literally dozens of people are waking up to realize what has happened to our country after centuries of increasing omissions, obfuscation and half-truths.

What is left of our once free country?

Becoming a Corporation owned citizen /  person / thing / resident / identified / created / construed, has not made any of us any freer or happier... no, instead it has stolen from us and enslaved us.

Let's ponder, for several moments, how many occasions in our lives that we are hammered on by our government's employees, and our mainstream media, for so long, and from so many angles, that we too have steadily acquiesced to their tacit procuration of whatever it is or was that came about by their own self-interested exploits. What did we do? How did we react? How much spending did it require? What changes were you forced to make? Were you relieved or angered? 

Now, under that heading, we have all kinds of examples that shake to the surface for any of you to drill down on -- AND HAMMER ON.

As I keep hammering, I fully intend to make those highly paid people, on our payroll, to recognize who we are and how we stack up.

Here is one such stack... and I beg of you, to look and see where you fit in:

A. the intelligent life force that made this universe as a giant creation - A Supreme Creator... and processes that resulted in our lives coming into being

B. Those of us with a conscience to see and use our senses to marvel at point A.

C. The actions we take as living beings upon our above A and B to organize and live in our immediate surroundings to then become creators in and of ourselves.

D. Groupings of periodic tasks we undertake on top of A while joining B and C.

Now somewhere in all of this, we still haven't yet created our neighborhoods. We would have yet to create a village, a community, a town, a city, a county, a state, a country. 

We have some hammering to do, to make our apparatus THAT WE CREATE to serve us...   LONG BEFORE that thing we make can even dare to venture into a place that it wants to venture to rule over us... 

Okay. Hammer away. They/THEY will have no choice but to re-orient and fall back in line. How? There is a lot more of us, right? 

Now, where do you fit in? Are you in the group that is supposedly going to die off?

Start at and get your printer paper loaded up to make your study copy. 

1. Declaration of Independence 7/4/1776

2. Articles of Confederstion 11/15/1777

3. Northwest Ordinance 7/13/1787

4. Constitution for the united states of America 9/17/1787

Also note: to be an original actual American, you should not apply 2, 3 or 4 to your self... Why not? Because those are for government people to use internally to those limited functions such as protecting our unalienable rights, our property, our borders and functioning in international trade with governmental services between governments. 

Think about the chain of events a creator (a man or woman or child) would go through.

1. Your kitchen table.

2. Your documents

3. Your works and talents

4. Your household

5. Your neighborhood

6. Your town

7. Your county

Remember, at this stage, nothing corporate as yet would even need to be overtaking you.

8. Your state

9. Your country

10. Now you can organize a government to do certain tasks, with limits and restraints.

Do you see how this country has gotten completely backwards? Now, it will take you some time and I will challenge your attention span. Why am I doing this? Because I want to use the most basic terminology that I can to show you how it was the taking of your identity and the converting of your name into a documented THING (read: corporate asset) that was used against you as leverage, whereby you were not ever told what was really going on - your NAME was brought INTERNAL and you've been expected to volunteer to stand-in to sign for it as its Authorized Representative.

So then what?

Mountains of lies.

So many generations of lies that we grow up thinking the whole mess is the truth. 

Again why?

Why do I write a vast resource of text and information such as this?


Now, think of your smallest hammer. Hit yourself with it accidentally while using it, and it will make you think about being more careful.

Peace out!


November 24, 2023 

Hello again. I was back reviewing my story about "The more I hammer..." tonight.

It occurred to me...   

A typical lawyer or attorney could be heard saying, "Shut up!" or "Don't talk!" or perhaps, "Don't sign anything! Don't answer any questions."

Even at times blaring to you, "DON'T ANSWER THAT!" 

Let us think for a moment. Let's ask ourselves...

Why is it that we could we be better off in choosing to remain quiet?

Would we find ourself in less duress if we used our right to remain silent?

Well, especially when might some one hear such a thing?   

If a LEO were demanding an answer?"

I submit to you, that you will instantly face mis-characterization and an impersonation scheme wherein even the COPS have no clue.

The lawyer/attorney is not gonna help you more without your payment first.

Nuf said.