Note from JimAge sensitive language alert! I've revoked any and all presumption of myself residing in the District, D.C.; those folks have some explaining to do; but am still collecting my assets returned to me. The Christian argument goes away after reading authors such as Joseph Atwill... We the people are the I AM and our governments are not an I AM. I am me. You are you. We are we. Biblical testimony is not hate speech. I've assumed no liability in causes for political comedy.


2nd Note from Jim: The previous edit of this page included content from an author who has since changed their entire platform to an all new Bible with Brother system, It appears that the following has been taken down from the public web. 


Divorce From DC

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Divorce From DC
October 22 2022


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  1. Brother NathanaelOctober 22, 2022 @ 8:27 pm


    Divorce From DC

    Divorce, they say, is a tragedy.

    But to remain with an abusive spouse is pure fatalism.

    Perhaps it’s masochism.

    A craving to be pummeled, disgraced, mind-raped, hated, canceled!

    Thrown in your face:

    Force-fed wars, anal sex, drag queens, degeneracy, and mutilation of children’s testicles and genitals.

    This is the kind of dreck coming out of DC, and neither Trump nor DeSantis can fix it.

    Both are “Israel Firsters.”

    That means whatever’s good for the Jews is good for Trump and DeSantis.

    DeSantis touts funding to Ukraine…[Clip]

    [“We, when I was in Congress under President Trump, we funded a lot of weapons for Ukraine…”]

    …and Trump got the ball rolling. [Clip]

    [“The Trump administration of approved the sale of lethal defense weapons to Ukraine but it may come with some blowback from Russia. The State Department approved the commercial license to export sniper rifles, ammunition, and other associated materials that are estimated to be worth $41.5M million dollars.]

    State—riddled with Jewish Russia-haters, Blinken, Nudelman, Rosenberg—has a front man pushing bottomless funding to Ukraine.

    Here’s their schwartza shill, Lloyd Austin, rapt in adoration of his Ukrainian counterpart, the Yid, Oleksii Reznikov. [Clip]

    [“Let me again thank my dear friend, Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Oleksii Reznikov, for his outstanding, outstanding leadership.”]

    Oh, it makes the Yids all over de vorld, just vanna shimmy, do the Kizomba-Kompa jungle mumba, seeing this schwartza baboon woo and spoon this vittle little yiddle who’s been given a gold-plated key to the US Treasury.

    As for butterball Austin, he’s the laughing stock of what’s left of patriotic military personnel. [Clip]
    [“Is anybody telling Joe Biden what you just told our audience, fortunate enough to have and to hear you? Is Lloyd Austin making these decisions?” “I doubt seriously that he is making any decisions. I don’t know what he’s doing other than prosecuting a war on White Supremacy and anybody else that questions the administration.”]

    Shouldn’t we be questioning this abomination?

    State has just allocated our money to fund drag queen theater in Ecuador.

    Spreading “democracy” Jewish-style is all about sending America’s sexual-depravity abroad.

    We are being played.

    It’s being built into our monthly national cycle:

    ‘Pride Month of June’ is nothing less than celebrating for thirty dirty days:

    Anal sex between men, dildo sex between women, gender confusion, and child genital mutilation. [Clip]

    [“Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay!” “June is Pride Month in the United States when LGBTQ people celebrate their communities and press for full equality.” “My presence here is a testament…”]

    A “testament,” at the Presidential Podium of the Executive Office that our nation is no longer under God but under the devil. [Clip/same]

    [“My presence here is a testament that we are fighting back! Because our lives are glorious, beautiful, and worthy.”]

    Last time I checked, shoving a penis up another man’s feces, is ignoble, ugly, unworthy of one’s manhood.

    The very act of anal penetration sends a man to hell where demons stick their scorpion-tipped tails up the practitioner’s arse. [Clip]

    [“Pride is back at the White House, it really is. From day one, from day one, this has been the most Pro-Equality administration in history led by guys like Peter Butteig…and so many others. I think we have more LBGTQ+ people than any administration or any administration combined. No no no, I really mean it! I really mean it! Because I promised when I got elected that I wanted my administration to look like America, look like America across the board. And we’ve done that. Record number of ‘Out” and ‘Proud’ appointees at every single level of our government.”]

    Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for less.

    DC is the enemy of Jesus Christ.

    If you love God you must hate DC.

    You cannot serve God and Mammon.

    Not only religious and moral issues are at stake, but practical and economic ones, too.

    Under DC, your children face mandatory health-endangering ‘vaccines’ required to be educated.

    Under DC, your children will learn to hate their skin color and their White Christian heritage.

    Under DC, your borders are ravaged, drugs come pouring in, human trafficking explodes, and your demographics are altered forever.

    Under DC, your property taxes increase, tied to escalating inflation, and home-ownership becomes a thing of the past.

    Under DC, Third World illiterates are re-settled in Middle America, and your culture and racial unity are dismantled forever.

    Under DC, firearms are eliminated and all you’re left with is squirt guns.

    Ask yourself this question:

    Do you smile with satisfaction that you and your family are benefited every time you send in your tax returns?

    Seriously, can any good thing come out of DC?

    Email me please if you can think of at least one good thing!

    ‘Breaking up is hard to do!’ you say.

    But to be joined to a harlot is an execration.

    Secession is the only way.

    Right now a huge semi-secession push, the “Greater Idaho Movement,” is underway.

    The movement proposes that two-thirds of Oregon’s land mass becomes part of neighboring Idaho. [Clip]

    [“We want to adjust the border taking Eastern Oregon shifting to Idaho to help maintain the conservative values that Idaho has over there.”]

    The movement has support from nine counties in Eastern Oregon, and two more will soon vote on moving the border to Idaho. [Clip]

    [“I don’t think we should act like State lines are written in stone. We should look at them and ask, ‘Does this actually make sense?’” “Author, Richard Kreitner, who wrote a book about secession, says it’s hardly a new idea.” “Secession has always been there. Catholics lived in Maryland, debtors lived in Georgia, Puritans lived in New England. They were kind of separate to begin with, and that’s why they wanted nothing to do with one another.”]

    Joining with a people who share the same values, culture, and politics, rather than be governed by leftist western Oregon, is the motif driving the Greater Idaho Movement.

    But to be unified with those of a traditional Christian conservative outlook and still be governed by Christ-hating DC—ruled by perversion-loving Jews—makes no sense at all.

    Once a semi-secessionist movement turns into reality then the question, “What have we to do with DC?” comes to the fore.

    People say “Oregon will never allow it!”

    Well, was the Trump raid allowed?

    Was the Nord Stream Pipeline bombing allowed?

    Forget ‘allow.’

    We just got to do it apart from the ‘powers that be.’

    Divorce, they say, is a tragedy.

    But to stay married to a murderous spouse is downright stupid.

    We’re almost there.

    We need a breakthrough.

    Divorce from DC is the smartest thing we can do.

  2. Brother NathanaelOctober 22, 2022 @ 8:28 pm

    This video can be watched @
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