The Hanseatic League

- old German Law Merchants -

By: James Allen Homyak 


America, particularly so named "United States" in Commerce, is run like a gigantic shopping mall. 


Inside this fictional shopping mall, EVERYTHING is regarded as "being in commerce" to the point where each shopper is regarded as a "vessel in commerce" to the point where you, as vessels, get to wear all sorts of convenient labels to associate you with any given section of the business of marketing,  sales, delivery, installation and warranty. 

You ultimately get to be labeled as "customer" which means that whatever you buy, it is for the purpose of being resold to another "buyer" at some future point. It generally doesn't matter to proprietors whether you're intending to resell, so the topic is usually moot -- so long as you're a taxpaying buyer and you pay for your purchase. You can become a wholesaler once you've registered your own commercial store front to sell through and collect taxes.

This is where a situation, in such a mega mall, becomes unruly real fast.... 

Let's say that you (in your own body that you own) are out travelling (inside your own car that you own) and you happen to be cited for a minor statutory violation that hasn't physically harmed someone or some property, yet because the "mall cops" are out on "the beat" looking for business transactions to encounter, you must somehow be subject to fines, etc. just for being there. But the first thing that happens, is a mall cop (a corporation asset) approaches you to ask you for the primary three evidences that your vessels somehow belong to the establishment that runs the mall. 

So then you (just like everyone else) quietly produce what is demanded. If the asset encounter happens to be provided such evidences upon demand, you are then going to be at risk of being presented a citation document (the charging instrument) that will either provide you that chance to pay the fine or go to court to defend yourself.

Try for a change to decline providing the demanded proofs that you're standing inside a valid actual jurisdiction and see what happens. You will very likely be trounced upon by any or all the firearm toting backup mall cops that get called in. Your own car will be stolen by them and you can be cuffed and stuffed when you've actually not hurt anyone but the mall cops breached the peace to beat you up!


The problem is, that once the mall cop asset thinks it has proven you to be commercial in nature, there is no defense for you at that point. You are automatically standing as accused inside a jurisdiction that is really a complete illusion, because America is actually a free republic and not a democratic shopping mall. Why do lawyers say things like, "Don't sign anything!", or "Don't confess to anything!", or "Don't talk to police without your lawyer present for such encounter."?

It is because truthfully educated lawyers know factually that you have rights to remain quiet, to not self-incriminate, to not pass on, extend or grant any rights from your vessel to their vessel. In so doing you run the risk of being prosecuted, as the prosecutor runs under many maxims of law, the least of which states, "let him who is deceived be deceived" in all situations where you're private, you've harmed no one, yet their systems survives by double and tripple dipping from you when you've become their latest shopper turned victim. Those lawyers/attorneys/judges/courts/banks are all big-talking customer service departments charged with the duty to attach onto your body, your property and your possessions of any value. This is all terribly unruly that "the system" gets this bad.

But hey, Americans have allowed this by keeping our boats floating on the main streams, to those isles we like. Their mall educational department no longer carries non-fiction on the subject -- only fiction and science-fiction remains. There are several specialty retailers at the mall, who can get you the real non-fiction if you figure out where to look and then inquire.


What the shopping mall is comprised of is all sorts of ethnic proprietors bent on staying in control of their storefronts (using Hanseatic League tenets) and expecting government assets (armed and dangerous things that move about the place) to protect commerce and hold your feet to the fire.  (statutes, codes, legislation, public policy all designated for those in commerce) 


But unbeknownst to you, there is a pre-planned remedy to make way for your own vessels to remain your own, and to end all presumption that you too are an acting mall proprietor. That remedy is found in "Regulation Z" where once you learn how to find and apply it to protect yourself from being mistaken and then  mischaracterized by mall security, and its head office stack of various personnel in commerce, you will be able to communicate your innocence with pre-written dialog.

While you freely move about the mall, you can only be removed if you steal, threaten, hurt anyone or damage the place or break store policy. Otherwise you have the right to do anything you want.  It doesn't cost you anything to be 86'ed out of the mall. But because you like the mall, you're going to respect your access to it. The Germans enjoyed their league practices so much that our money/banking/corporate powers today stole the concepts to run them as a purported government. 

Show me the exit. I go in peace, owed the law of peace. I have no need to be labeled as "customer" or "buyer" or "taxpayer" because I refrain from volunteering into those public commercial capacities. The things I need can be used at home, no receipt necessary for any purpose other than doing a return or exchange, etc. 


It's commerce & transportation that will get you on the hook if you render to Ceasar what is Ceasars.  Learn who you are and how to navigate. The Germans haven't gotten much of anything right for a long time -- at least since back in the day.




At the end of "the so-called Civil War" which has since been determined to have been an illegal commercial mercenary conflict on all sides, that congress reconvened and passed what was called the United States Reorganization act of 1871, also known as the Act to provide a municipal government for the District of Columbia. Their 1871 thing was repealed in 1874, but by hacking away at it, their 1877 thing still seems to be riding the high seas and flagged at home at various inland piracy to this day when we let it.  (hint: flagged)

However, this government was different; it was structured as a foreign owned CORPORATION and called the UNITED STATES!

It even adopted the 1789 Republic constitution but changed only one word. They changed the word Constitution FOR the United States, to the Constitution OF the United States.

Therefore this change made the constitution a possession of the government corporation and NOT the possession of the people.

The only power this government had was to govern over matters of COMMERCE within the District of Columbia. To move forward in acheiving its self-interest objectives, it soon needed its UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE to extend its mall operations to all places outside its limited district by way of introducing a Zone Improvement Program nationwide where all states and municipalities were issued a new mailing ZIP Code and state abbreviation. Example:  MISSOULA, MT 59801

Nowadays, in commerce, you are increasingly prevented from entering your address in proper english place names, nouns, etc. as the USPS has dictated to all in commerce that your entry of your actual name and address gets automatically converted to ALL CAPS AND ALL POSSIBLE ZIP ABBREVIATIONS. 

It also needed a birth registry program to silently conscript new borns into Federal Personhood in order to continue growing itself and funding its massive growth by commercializing all the people as new owned assets to leverage itself financially.  Not only is America a giant mall, but for over 16 decades, all Americans and new immigrants are generalized as "mall products" owned by those various companies (STATE & FEDERAL) and valued for sale or trade to those in the know. 

What we call STATE OF (YOUR STATE), is actually a SUB corporation of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION engaged in matters of commerce. This STATE is not to be confused with the Union State of (your State), which is part of the original pre-Civil war Republic.

Therefore, the UNITED STATES (Corp) is foreign to the Union States as its geographic boundaries are restricted to the land area of the District of Columbia.

This distinction has been recognized in numerous court cases before the U.S. Supreme court. Don't take my word for it, read from the book Cooperative Federalism by Gerald Brown, Ed.D.

Cooperative Federalism

The fact of the matter is, almost ALL government entities are now commercial contracting corporations of some type, complete with a Tax Identification Number (TIN), and a full Dunn and Bradstreet credit report! Don't believe it? Check out the DUNN AND BRADSTREET credit report for the SUPREME COURT! Hurry before D&B is sheilded or taken down from scutiny.


Download a complete copy of the Act of 1871 as printed by the UNITED STATES printing office and read it for yourself.

The Birth of the Second UNITED STATES- The Act of 1871

What you start to get "right" in all of this will be your saving grace.