Write, rehearse and publish your own declarations

Americans all have the in-born and God-given ability and natural rights to be their own Author.

How many people missed that fact? How many people were directly nudged in this direction?

To be an author means to take up a position of authority.

Due to the fact that people largely don't, it means we have been encroached upon and trespassed upon by a large governmental and commercial system which has run amok -- they've all gone to great lengths to "author" the paperwork for us....   

"Um, sir,  Can I get you to Sign here?"

Yes, we Sign. Right?  We have no clue what just took place.

When you don't establish any of your own Declarations, that is the same thing as declaring in the unsaid (tacit procuration) THAT YOU COMPLETELY TRUST what you're being asked to "stand-in" for with the giving of your Signature. 

How many of you have ever heard someone say, "Never Sign anything!" 

You see, without knowing and authoring these basics for yourself, it is the same thing as [ THEM / Them / them ] owning your rights to author every last document for you and make you perform under unsaid obligations at any time later on.

You have to be very careful -- as any document you "Sign" can be construed as your contractual promise of performance, even to the extent that something you "think" is yours can be taken away from you "by the authorities" because they are of the propensity to believe they are legally enforcing your promises -- in commerce -- all unbeknowst to you for the behest of some undisclosed Creditor, and often they usually have no clue either of the laws they are breaking against you, if not treason and/or deprivation of rights under color-of-law. After all, it is "these incorporations" that are on the take through their policies to enslave you. Slavery began again in American during 1913

After delving into this huge set of paperwork, you will hopefully be astonished... as I sure was.

Where things are at as of February 2022 

I've got my Declarations Template files all completed and available to you free of charge under Chapter 17 of my book Administrative Record. You can download and keep the templates to learn what I've done and why. The red lettering must be changed to black before you print your version. 

My Own Political Status Correction

During February 2022, while I lived near The City of Eden Prairie Minnesota, upon Hennepin County, I had completed my Political Status Correction to adopt my Home State, Minnesota, and to declare my American state birthright citizenship as a Minnesotan. All of this put the skids to throwing my "U.S. Citizen THING" to the top of the deck.

Status Correction Documents

    Click here to see the complete documents which I had recorded into the Public Record.

The cure time has long passed without having any repercussions brought forth by Civil, Social or Municipal Entities or Agencies.

How or why do you suppose life has been so peaceful for me?

Should [ THEY / They / they ] seek to bring harassment, damages or false claims in commerce up me, or see the sizable list of various fees, certain said and documented fees are going to be applied to [the AGENCY or the PERSON] by invoice as stated herein. [ THEY / They / they ] spare the expense by leaving me alone, as I have finally ascended back into the sovereign seat as their silent and peaceful employer, and ultimately, the American state free inhabitant. 

Important Note

Since the time I completed my own entire set of documents, we've (Minnesota Assembly) come to conclude that the 1779 Declaration itself is generally regarded as sufficient to accomplish your own status correction -- thus taking yourself back and away from the presumed standing (as U.S. Citizen commercial vessel) that had been foised upon you when you were an infant child -- at the hands of your own mother, as she had been misguided into being the "informant" who defaulted you into your slavery status to the STATE & FEDERAL enterprise interlopers. She was not told this was taking place. She thought she was being lawful by appling for your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Ha! Now look at you! 

Additionally, you may see these same documents by going here to the public verification server of the government of The United States of America [unincorporated]. I grant you permission to review the content. Once at this link, input Homyak and press Enter. The page opens to review exactly what any government agent can see to verify my status and my standings. 

Notice of Retirement

During the calendar year 2008 (gregorian) I had decided my brains were too scrambled and that I'd had enough in business, to the extent where I resigned from the corporate world and left the workforce. I wanted to pursue other hobbies, passions and passtimes. Here is my Notice of Retirement. I wanted to know how low I could go into a state of near poverty and still have a good life of full-time travel. I got there between 2010 and 2019. I was living the dream, looking for love, and then my kidneys blew out. 

Future Follow-up

If you have questions or comments about this content, I invite you to drop me a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give me some time to respond, as I am retired and out enjoying my freedom some place.