The unruly state of affairs in America has had its ties that bind bound, all roads leading led to Rome!

The following information comes from the BCP Video website, which remains online, albeit for a time, as Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate seems to have delivered a tongue lashing to all the Fathers in his Episcopal Ministry. 

While our publisher, Jim does not endorse the beliefs, it is for informational purposes only that you can learn more here. 

What is known today, is that the Pope/Pontiff (one in the same acting to two separate capacities) hold the Charters (the Articles of Organization, etc.) over the American companies, the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States. This means he has been playing both sides of a civil war that has plagued Americans ever since the 1860's, leaving our country's reconstruction a complete shambles. 

Author/Publisher/Research Anna Von Reitz has a significant amount of information regarding what has been up within the Vatican. You read more about that here

The video below looks to be a fine quality production, yet for the links that play, there is NO SOUND available. Without audio, and without translation to english, it will be a stretch of work for those of you who want to know more. If or as I am able to obtain more, I will edit some changes and updates into this posting. 

BCP: Response to the third vaccination terror in the Vatican

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Dear Fathers in the Episcopal Ministry,

The Vatican has announced that whoever of the staff refuses to receive the third vaccine by 1 February will be fired immediately without notice.

Realize that you are under the dominion of the occupier, archheretic and criminal Bergoglio. He will force you to carry out his crimes against Christ and humanity in your diocese and in your nation. You will have to fulfil his genocidal vaccination plan. Surely you know that the mRNA vaccine disrupts the human genome, among other things. It is associated with graphene, spike protein production, and the blood of sadistically murdered unborn babies. Actually, this is not even a vaccination, this is satanic anti-baptism. In addition, there is a vain hope that it will be all over after the third vaccination; there is already talk of a fourth one. This ushers in a system of permanent vaccination, the aim of which is to turn humans into bio-robots and genetically modified organisms. The end result is the reduction of humanity, and then? The lake of fire.

You are going to face eternal hell unless you separate from the Vatican’s vaccination anti-gospel. You can no longer remain passive! In this situation, passivity is a crime! You must actively oppose the deadly machinery. Unless you do so, you will be judged by God and men for betraying Christ and for crimes against humanity.

The Bergoglian Vatican has set in motion the machinery for compulsory vaccination. In doing so, it created a pernicious precedent as well as a false moral justification for the evil governments. If you, the bishops, remain silent at this stage, you will be primarily to blame for the genocide of your own nation. The government will appeal to the apostate Vatican and will lose the last shred of conscience. But you represent the Vatican in your nation. Your passivity is enough for the nation to be destroyed. Today, you are obliged to step out of the organized crime of the Bergoglian Vatican and say a clear NO to it! This is the true synodal path and saving repentance. Unless you step out, your unity with programmed satanization under the Bergoglian Vatican will have a deeper impact than that of politicians or the deceitful mainstream. Because of your betrayal, dear bishops, God will not be able to intervene to save your nation. But if you break out of the wicked system, the Vatican’s false bubble will burst and God, through your act of faith, will intervene to save both the Church and your nation.

Dear Bishops, an extremely great responsibility rests upon you that you cannot escape. You will either be heroes or criminals. Moreover, this determines the salvation of your own soul – either you will obtain the crown of eternal glory, or you will be eternally damned in hell along with the whole system of covid satanism.

May Christ’s servant Сarlo Maria Viganò be an example to you of bravery and faithfulness! Decide for God and the salvation of your nation even at the cost of becoming a catacomb Church or suffering bloodless or bloody martyrdom!

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

29 December 2021


"Did I Understand You To Say MOST Deaths Were Among The Vaccinated?"

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"Did I Understand You To Say MOST Deaths Were Among The Vaccinated?"

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