More "people" Are Waking Up

By: Jim Homyak

Written: August 26, 2023 (gregorian)

The fact that "people" such as "common men" and "common women" -- the Americans around us -- are beginning to awaken,  is truly exciting to me.

I don't mean "woke persons" but I do mean your typical American men and women are now stepping outside their lifetime of indoctrination to now finally recognize the illusion our American political and social systems have become. Illusions give the appearance of being real at your first glance.

Just the other day, a nearby friend of mine and I were discussing various related topics -- such as our many systems of laws and justice in America.

My friend had recently been told by another friend that, "people are beginning to realize that Law Enforcement Operators have to begin talking with anyone by first making a statement based on "the Officer's presumption" that there must be some kind of "crime" that has either taken place or is "about to take place" that would give rise to placing a matter inside of an Officer's contrived jurisdiction. The officer must also presume that his so called subject is one who grants consent to being governed, giving rise to the Officer's perceived right to interrogation. 

Here are some deeper thoughts:

I use the word "people" together with the words "men" and "women" as the natural beings that we are.... but I do not use the words "person" or "citizen" because those words are "colorable impersonations" of which "an Officer" must rely upon to even have any standing at all to approach anyone to begin any requests or to ask any questions whatsoever. 

Colorable Impersonations are fictional roles created by a force that had been rooted "in commerce" centuries ago by generally godless wicked men who had a desire to dominate everyone everywhere.

Once government agents are told they can be convicted of violations of Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 to deprive an American of his or her rights under color of law, they tend to stand down, just as soon as any one claims to uphold all of their rights under express reservation of rights which are federally protected. 

Americans who believe, by default upon their birthday, that they are U.S. Citizens, from within a legal standing, they have just traded all of their natural God-given rights in exchange for civil privileges.  

You have consigned and conscripted yourselves into indentured servitude until the day you die or... 


...until the day you arise to correct your political status.