By: James Allen Homyak

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When we are determined to live as upstanding Americans, we each must define these blessings by beginning our story of our life right from where we were born; that location which forms the basis for our initial citizenship claims -- thus the claims of our biological parent to have brought a new child into existence. 

Too often we fail to generate detailed documentation derived from our list of choices and decisions to make regarding the establishment of who we are as we grow into our maturity and make informed decisions inside our early adulthood.

We can even strengthen our private standing by making new decisions and more advanced choices later in life as we become more informed as to who and what we are and produce the documentation to back that up. 

Initially, as your typical birth day [not a ship berthing] story developes, we find that all too often the 'parental unit' are so busy with actually getting the labor over with and getting acquainted with their newborn, that they just seem to go with the flow and "take it as it comes" to get through this blessed time [in triplicate]. 

Every “person / Person / PERSON” is a debtor by default, and every man or woman who suffers “joinder” to a “person” becomes “surety” in the debt-money system of bondage, sacrificing their living energy via that fictional “transmitting utility”, feeding the parasitic banking cabal which espouses the Roman motto: “He who would be deceived, let him be deceived.”

Society has been compensated, INSIDE THE MATRIX OF ILLUSION, to do it right and do it well by way of the commercial power structure, chided to do it quickly and cheaply or else! 


Enter the U.C.C. public policy:   

To all of them, I say "screw you" and I am Not In Commerce!

USOA is a free interactive e-book server, based in open source code, that comes complete with a Private Membership Community system,  now open [on both front side & back side] to people who are done with "the System" (read: of Big Brother and Uncle Sam) as we've come to know them.


Mary Elizabeth Croft Interview
Everything that takes place inside a professional birthing event is brought forth among those in attendance to the event -- this would be a hospital setting where experienced people know the ropes and follow established routines.


Where our home country is concerned, there exist a variety of locations where babies could be born:

  • on private land or at home
  • on public land* or at a hospital*
  • on a military base* or federal property*
  • upon any of the 50 state territories
  • within the federal District of Columbia*
  • upon the seven known anciliary possessions*
  • at sea or on an inland waterway or during air travel*
  • on a boat* a train* or an automobile* or a city bus*

    * potential exists to be born within a commercial setting, where you will be governed by whomever owns the land/building/property where your child is born

Long ago, after the formation of The united States of America, people would bring children into their families without all of the pomp and circumstance found in modern commercial hospital maternity wards. Parents would add careful writings into the front of their family Bible as a record for their family. There was never a fancy thing called COMMERCE involved in starting your family in the privacy of your home.

Back in the day, many children were born on slave plantations where the child became the property of the plantation's owner. Many children were born in private homes. Many children were born in medical or healthcare establishments. No matter where a child is born, it can be said the child obtains a birthright citizenship closely associated to the place, namely the State, where being born had just occurred.

Do the parents own their new child or does some other self-interested party purport to claim such ownership? The short answer is, it depends. 

Example:  Your Dad and Mom are in New Mexico and very pregnant. Baby is coming fast and the expectant couple suddenly cannot make it to their desired Hospital in time for baby's arrival, so they pull to the side of the road and summon a public servant first responder to help them have the baby inside their automobile. Where did this occur? If it occured in any of the 50 states proper, namely New Mexico, the child can inherit that state as the first citizenship it will inherit by operation of law -- a New Mexico newborn child. 

At this stage of the child's new life, something large and well developed is about to take over, and it happens so smoothly that we've all just become accustomed to becoming dependant on "the System" to get through all of this. We are expected to register the birth of our child and obtain dependancy status officially in the public records.  You need two administrative documents to get your child up and running: 1) a BIRTH CERTIFICATE; and 2) a SOCIAL SECURITY subscription -- and because of the fancy LEGAL WORK financed by the globalists, your 2 step process automatically gets your child recorded as a U.S. Citizen and as a resident of the home state where you decide to live as a family.

Enter Commerce, beginning during the late 1930's through present

Our American commercial system has been constructed using methods and practices and concepts which have been centuries in the making -- all owned and controlled by international bankers and financiers that have all nearly perfected the concealment of the real truth about what happens when your children are born into this country upon a state and at a county or town or city or municipality. The fact of the matter is our modern American childbirths result in our newborns being conscripted from their cradles into something that has gotten so dastardly over the past 120 years that you really don't own anything anymore -- including your own children.

The foremost achievements that commercially must take place, is to create recordings, generate official birth records, and complete all administrative processes to officially bring your baby into its new American home. This is where your life gets dicey real fast; especially if your parent(s) take the default paperwork path set out before them at the birthing location.

The first question a parent must ask themself: Are you a slave person or a free man or woman? 

Were you a child of a military person who was not present the day of your birth?  Were you deemed a ward of the state due to your mother being regarded as "an informant" leaving you as a newborn without a father to claim you as his property? Did your child come into this world as a product of a State Licensed marriage?  Are you aware of the fact that at some stage in U.S. History years ago, the act of getting married had formed a civil union which is officially actually a business contract between business entities?

Going back up the chain, we find you, a state born child who has grown up to become a triplicate.

  • Non-Profit  (your Ecclesiastic Person not generating taxable revenue) (aka John Doe)
  • Domestic (your State Person, a transmitting utility device and resident) (aka John M Doe)
  • Foreign (your Federal Person, residing at Washington, D.C on paper) (aka John Michael Doe)

When you have established the "when" or the "how" you have been presumed upon as a child, you will have to deal effectively with your steps to undo the mess and reclaim your freedom. Many of us had a parent write and sign standard hospital state forms. That is generally the doorway to being presumed a U.S. Citizen (both territorially a 'U.S. Citizen' and municipally a 'citizen of the United States' and by the state)(non-profit home State agency franchise).  

What they all have is businesses serving them, and whereby its "citizen persons" have to go along with services provided by such providers, contractors and sub-contractors governed by Uniform Commercial Code treating Americans each as a VESSEL IN COMMERCE without teaching them any of the technicalities about this truth. 

The international financiers and central banks created for themselves an internal chargeback conduit and they have to sneak you "the natural parent" into a contrived role to stand-in for the RESIDENT THING the enterprise had created in your child's name. Sometime soon you are also going to be encouraged to believe you need a lawyer for helping you administer the affairs for yourself and your child, etc. But why? To practice law in your defense? 

They're theives and the international globalist predecessors were at it so long they chipped away at perfecting their dominion over the people beginning hundreds of years ago. They've legally foisted a con game and this has become and enormous hoodwink.   You might think you are a free man/woman yet unbeknownst to you once you take the default into their artificial U.S. Citizen Person Capacity, your body now gets presumed to be the chattel and the surety for enormous debt which you've had no hand in creating. 

The common ground we find is this:

The Uniform Commercial Code was enacted in 1963 and became effective in 1965. At some time during the 1970's we saw the introduction of commercial corporations in all sorts of places where we conducted our daily affairs. Schools, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Doctor Offices, Churches, the local Bar, Airports, Golf Courses, you name it. Everything began to commercialize their operations via their Secretary of State office.  The words, "Hey Joe, glad to see you back, what'ya need today? and replaced with 'Sir, one moment, be right with you." We were gradually transitioning into the politically correct me/me generation.

Uniform Commercial Code
The Uniform Commercial Code, first published in 1952, is one of a number of Uniform Acts that have been established as law with the goal of harmonizing the laws of sales and other commercial transactions across the United States through UCC adoption by all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Territories of the United States.  Guess what is behind all of this?  BAR Associations and thousands of well-paid attorneys and lawyers all holding BAR memberships.
Sales from whom to whom?
You get labeled when you are regarded AS DOING BUSINESS IN COMMERCE so that you are held to the standards of the applied business policies. The word used to describe you is "customer" and without a doubt that's the word used when you sell to someone who plans to resell continually as a business to business deal. But wait just a minute. Let's say you're going to keep what you buy with the intent to keep it forever and hand it down to your family to keep as an heirloom, etc.?  You have that right.  Yes, this means you are Not In Commerce?  Right? Yes!!   That is how you leave commerce and stop the presumption that you are a vessel, as a ship, carrying goods to sell, etc. 
Nothing I Buy Is FOR SALE 
The truth that nothing of yours is for sale, is a complete surprise to people in the main stream. How many ever thought of it? 
Your buying and selling, especially when done with commercial bank credit, is fully under the presumption that you're a "sub-American" meaning your Legal Person is in play. Recall the analogy of 'the monopoly game tokens' elsewhere in this website. 
• the 2nd or 3rd class Person or
• PERSON doing business as a U.S. Citizen, (a resident citizen person [read: sole proprietor] of the British territorial Queen Monarchy's holding company, named the same ALL CAPS NAME style as one of America's Federal Government's subcontractor under private commercial law.
The people have not been allowed to live and survive under the public law. They've done it to our detriment, to our expense, to our demise. That is why I followed the difficult path to ween off possessions and focus on needs by going OUTSIDE the system, and I tell everyone. What do I gain?  It helps me keep the government's agencies on the hook for returning my assets. 
We need a new money driver
We need a new money driver.  A new penny stock where the future value of a .01 cent share becomes the basis of the value of the thing is that's different. 
We make a 1,000 dollar pledge to buy 100,000 penny stocks in our new currency system. The growing value of our share price is directly proportionate to our earnings.  So for example, we have 100,000 investors who each invest 1000 dollars, that means we will have 10 billion shares held. The company then also has 100 million dollars to create a 40 billion dollar company.  That will turn the 100,000,000 into shares valued at $108.00 up from .01 cent.  Value from appreciation.
Americans need an effective remedy
Given the fact that our children are expected to grow up, get a job, file government paperwork, pay taxes, and join the system, we will not be much help in answering their questions because we don't even know what we don't know.
Since there hasn't been any real money in many generations, we have to sit back and watch our kids tread water without being able to offer them actionable guidance.
All we really have to fall back on is the same indoctrination that our globalists have designed centuries ago to gain ultimate dominion and control over us, at our expense, for their enrichment of the central banks and international financiers.  

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