International and Public Notice of Compartmentalization

Notice to principals and agents

Effective Immediately

By: James Allen of the Homyak family, a man, in his authority, retired©

23 24 November 2022

Today's meeting here at my living room table concludes with the following meeting minutes:

a. I James Allen testify openly, that I was told as a boy the stories of my life before comprehending it those days, so yes, I have always been me.

b. As I grew up the stories turned into non-fiction memories. 

c. I am now compartmentalizing commerce for my best interest to protect my property, my body, my status as retired, disabled and NOT FOR HIRE under any foreign or commercial capacities. 

d. If I see my name come to me as follows, I expect to receive my assets back to me: and all my heirs

Jim Homyak, James Homyak, James Allen Homyak, JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK, JAMES A HOMYAK, JAMES HOMYAK

e. If I see my name as follows, I expect to pay some one for what I want and need:

James Allen Homyak, JAMES HOMYAK, Jim Homyak, James Homyak, 

f. When I ask my name to be recorded as follows, it is because in all honesty I tell you the truth:

James Allen Homyak, 

by: James Allen Homyak ©

g. When I see my name styled as follows, I return the service with a "notice of error" to correct otherwise end any further interaction. 






h. About me: I have been physically ill, mentally ill and vulnerable. My parents are deceased and no longer caring together as family -- and these events and losses don't make my facts and my truths any less true or any less factual

i. governments and related business establishments are proven omitters of truth due to stacks of presumptions being made in likenesses of my name, so therefore I put them into a compartment and only that compartment will from now on be my LEGAL DEPARTMENT to shut off the flow of commerce

j. The education in my online postings and in my home papers and public recordings are the truth that now sets me free and my commerce compartment is getting to be the smallest one I have. 

Amendments to how I am constituting my self at law: 

1. Effective immediately I am not a business

2. Effective immediately I am not a subject

3. Effective immediately I am not a consumer

4. Effective immediately I am not a person

5. Effective immediately I am not a resident 

6. Effective immediately I am for my home state

7. Effective immediately I revise and extend the American Organic Law so I can adopt it

8. Effective immediately I publish for the record, we Americans stand, shout and pray

9. Effective immediately my commerce compartment has a new edict I follow which can be found in all that I write, all deception stand down.

10. Effective immediately I self govern to harm no one. That means a lot to me. I don't speed, I don't tailgate, I don't make noise, I don't breach the peace, I don't ruin someone's property, and I indemnify through the backing of all the American people. I will make whole any accident I may cause, but those are so very few due to my utmost care. I see my dents and dings but I don't see any appreciable record stacking against me. Do you? Do I? 

11. Effective immediately I am not named as some thing in print with THE CAPS LOCK stuck down, and I am not some thing owned by or ceded to the United States.

12. Effective immediately don't expect me to "sign documents" that can later construe falsehood of any kind. I will put it through my one filter to determine whether any unlawful illegal conversion took place so I can pursue justice and seek damages.

13. I had taken a recess in my meeting and came back to add my 13th amendment to these minutes as follows:  when I see a requirement to "sign" something as if I authored it, I will cross out any word "Signature" and I will print the word "Autograph" right there. I will then affix my by: line autograph to be in honor of my side of the (or any) meeting of the minds. etc. as your author instead of their authorized representative.

14. I tabled this final amendment for thinking on it over night and as of this morning, effective immediately where my works are © I grant limited permission to reuse my entertainment works to similarly entertain as you would, in all due seriousness, and I need to create a Short "Popular Tag" for my website to put some content there, which I have in mind.

Thank you very much Jim, for writing as

by: James Allen Homyak©