By: James Allen Homyak

Although bar associations historically existed as unincorporated voluntary associations, nearly all bar associations have since been organized (or reorganized) as corporations. There's that ass again.

1. Like the Actors Union, Painters Union, etc.

2. No other association, NOT EVEN DOCTORS, issue their own License. ALL ARE ISSUED BY THE STATE.


4. The State Bar is:

Operating as an Unconstitutional Monopoly…

Operating with a quasi License to steal…


5. Violates Article 2, Section 1, Separation of Powers clause of The U.S.A. Constitution.

6. There is NO POWER OR AUTHORITY for joining of Legislative, Judicial, or Executive branches within a State as the BAR is attempting. “BAR” members have invaded all branches of Government and are attempting to control dejure Governments as Agents of a Foreign Entity.

7. Anyone who believes that they are doing their Civic Duty by going about the volunteer or low-paid  efforts behind helping someone to take and pass a BAR Exam in order to earn a BAR Card is a very deluded individual -- and in need of a wake up call to the aiding and abetting of a criminal enterprise.

8. The majority of Legislators are BAR Card carrying Attorneys.

9. An Attorney can only represent a ‘fiction‘(one of privilege akin to a Trustee), never a man (akin to a beneficiary and one of right).

10. A BAR lawyer took a good look recently at information prepared by a State National common man in his private quest to prevent his ESTATE from going into PROBATE upon his death. The lawyer had to decline being of assistance. Why? Because the National held a stronger position which completely removed legal system controls over the National. The National had established a Pure Trust and a Contract Trust amongst close family members which eliminated the STATE interest concerning the former ESTATE -- which normally would be have been subject to probate upon the death of the man. The man was not standing as a fiction, but as a man. He brought his property assets outside "the United States" administratively, which took everything outside the State purview. The lawyer was notably astonished, taken aback and defeated.


At the beginning of the day…

Each time I deliberately proceed as ‘counsel’ for any other man, (even per the purported 6th Amendment – Bill of Rights) I do so only as he being a man, thus one must challenge the moving party what the man (my alleged client) did to take on (contract/contact) a ‘statutory’ standing as a ‘fiction’ in the United States (land/property owned by or ceded to the United States excepted)? What did my client ‘do’, ‘sign’, or ‘say’, that is relied upon (evidence) by the moving party (not the Court) that the U.S. Maritime/Admiralty/Ecclesia Court NOW has jurisdiction over me/you as a ‘PERSON’?    Nadda! Zip! Ziltch!

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