If I could write a ten minute segment for Alex Jones, I would have him say:


Alex Jones here and I'm telling you, now is the time to prevent lawyers from saying about you what they've said about me. They are trying to destroy free speech. No ifs and or buts.


They allow certain people to walk; certain people to skate; and every person to pay; taking 30% off the top for starters for themselves; which keeps their patented copyrighted legalese flowing for their "things" identified.

The time is now to shift the focus over to someone who very few people know; someone who has done a simple yet genius job of declaring peace and sovereignty without firing a shot. He's not sitting on hidden wealth to sue out from under him either. That someone is James Allen Homyak a Minnesotan. He's a retired beneficiary and non-citizen -- with a clean record. He's got some explosive information for you. Look him up at unrulystatesofaffairs.com for an eye-opener.


In there, Jim asks, "How about when parents's attorneys and jurys get to see proof about "The State's" many things done to their children (on paper and physically) in light of State Attorneys picking and choosing laws they will bypass? He goes on...


• How about the people start prevailing in civil rights lawsuits?

• How about punitive and tort damages to the people?

• How about sensuring the State?

• How about convicting those involved in racketeering?

• How about new appointments to office?

• How about replacement of a corrupt BAR Administration?

• How about restaffing the public offices in a "non-incorporated standing" that we are owed?

• How about a restored America without loud mothed rich comb-over politicians?"


Now is the time Americans declare peace for the first time in generations. Imagine the outrage once you see how simple this is to declare your statehood and your independence and reboot the long lost peaceful American government by the peaceful state.  You could fly your State flag instead of your American flag.


Once you are in the know, you can stop wearing the label "customer" when you keep and utilize things you acquire for yourselves; the property you will use and pass down through your family. You are not buying with the purpose of reselling. You are not a customer by default when you self govern to the level of becoming a prosumer. Farms and small businesses prosume (spelled with an pro). Governments presume (spelled with an pre). Which are you?


You are presumed to be in commerce because you take a COMMERCIAL IDENTITY into your dealings; and without a store front, it makes you a CONSUMER. You get to be a Resident by taking their thing to where you live. Then you register "it" (that thing) to vote in their elections. Etc. etc. etc., on and on.


James Allen Homyak is a premier guy at putting them on notice! Now you can too.


James says, "It all comes down to your standing; your eye-witnessed declarations; going onto the public record, creating your household and family administrative record; for all to take notice; plus the following too:


• The City
• The County
• The State
• The State Bar Association
• The Courts
• The Judges
• The Attorneys
• The Attorney's Attorneys
• The Corporate charters
• The Shareholders
• The Trusts
• The Money


If they come after you, get them all! Counter sue them all in court and on the record; their public and private capacities; bring evidence into the record of the racket they are bagging. Charge them with the same Civil Right violation(s) they commit when they pull a "Andrew Warren" on their Citizen Persons. Charge them with treason when they do it to American nationals who are the declared people.


The trick is this: "Who's People?"


That begs the question: Citizen or National?


Do you belong to the Lord God or do you belong to Minnesota's Governor? None can serve two masters. But can one happily co-exist? Yes, one can when government does what it is hired to do, and stays out of the people's pursuit of happiness.


Everyday American's go down for "civil standing offenses" that are Administrative "IN PERSON" only, and really designed for those who are voluntarily in COMMERCE (i.e. Drivers, Installers, Delivery Persons) as businesses, doing business with each other for market flow. You, as Authorized Representative, became their surety.


The enforcement power wants. 1. Driver License, 2. Registration and 3. Proof of Insurance as its first line of offense to affirm your capture. Then you have to forcefully accept the reason for this encounter and begin to defend. Thus a controversy begins. Pay up or be judged. People are taken to court standing as a PERSON showing the ALL CAPS name on the Charging Instrument and the Identification Card. Hence Administrative Law Judges to order the attorneys to administer the flow of monies between accounts.


Offenses (statues, codes, ordinances, public policy) are named in the LEGAL NAME you get free upon birth registration after such parent "informs" on such "berth" through such "canal" from such "waters" as new wards of the state, with undeclared infant bodies, and then presumed internals. Then the paperwork begins by happenstance from cradle to grave. All stuff you are never to know. You are presumed to want an attorney to defend you. You are not to know how "the attorney's legal system" has subverted your knowing of natural law. You are not presumed to have or need knowledge of what is taking place. They have a maxim of law which reads: Let him who is deceived be deceived.


Administratively, no physical body is injured, when your tabs expire or you appear for arraignment and charges filed to pay penance. Untold money changes hands using something they made from you. They don't tell you of the ways you've already convicted yourselves going in under the assumed LEGAL NAME thing. It's so rampant that now your judge doesn't even hear your name come up. He brings things into session and because you are there standing, and you walk inside the bar, it's just assumed it must be you. The noose of the attorney's system.


Solution: Opt-out. Re-declare. Record. Mailing. 90 days.


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