- Walter Burien

by: Walter Burien

[Note from Jim Homyak: CAFR is Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - as such the report will get generated for every municipal agency, be it school districts, City Government, you name it - all of them have Accounting Firms and Auditors working to compile the CAFR, and it's a hush topic for the people, us so-called constituents. Why?  These enormous somes of money are being amassed off budget at the same time we are told they need more money for various causes. To see for yourself, go to your search engine of choice, enter the search term "CAFR City of Anoka, Minnesota" fill in your desired agency, etc. ]


We all need to think carefully about the following
by Walter Burien - CAFR1
Keep in mind the importance of the fact that not one (1) syndicated news broadcaster talking head has made simple mention of the CAFR for any city, state, county, etc. in 25-years. And thousands of people tried to get them to make just simple mention.
The independent Non-Syndicated publications and talk show hosts, most of them have made mention between 1999 and 2010 and every one of them were quickly retaliated against.
The fix is in as deep as it gets and due to the wealth generated, held, and the financial takeover by government involved.
The government boys and girls figure as long as the population is masterfully entertained in to distraction and kept on an ever repeating loop, they can do whatever they want and in fact they have. The expansion factor of government exponentially each and every year in their takeover of the wealth generated by this country has been absolutely obscene and if looked at over a 50-year period, a takeover that has allowed for government to grow in financial wealth terms by a factor of 35X.
Do the math over a time period of say 10, 25, or 35 years. Government has been amassing all of the wealth. At the same time, all of the private sector debt and corporate debt, government slowly each year funded through their own ever growing investment capital to where not just the hard core wealth is held by government but the repayment of 85% of all of the current and future debt (future wealth secured) is held by government.
When the dots are connected this can be seen. Careful study of the raw data tables in the Z.1. Report tables put out each year by the Federal Reserve will verify this. The 2010 to 2015 raw data tables as a .pdf file can be downloaded here -
The standing wealth and debt funded is what is important. Government will offset their standing wealth shown by projecting out 45-years liabilities (they create with a stroke of a pen).
** Now if you determine what their projected income would be for the same 45-years (that factor not shown by them), you will clearly see why the following paragraph has such meaning.
Back to the importance of all this is: Gorbachev in the 80's and then China come 1999/2000 made the announcement they were going to follow the USA plan and become Democratic. They did so after review of the numbers. What they saw was that the USA government wrote the better plan and strategy to secure all of the wealth "by" and "for" government.
In reality, the population is treated strictly as a productivity unit to be drained and managed. To do so by government requires that masterful entertainment and perpetuation of a never-ending loop played out by our media groups as the wealth of this county is systematically taken (stolen) from us all..
The absolute control government exercises over the syndicated media, controlled education, and the political parties (which are private associations designed from the get-go to get their candidates promoted to have open access to the government massive financial till) is what allows them to do so.
The beat goes on and business as usual continues for our: For Profit and ever expanding government.
What is required to change this circumstance? One thing and one thing only: The public grasping a clear and cognitive thinking as to what is said here having and continuing to take place.
I emphasize the importance of how we are all masterfully entertained so this education of cognitive thinking does not take place. Their whole game depends on the the population never getting a clue. Thus the deafening silence is strictly controlled to not show government's collective takeover of it all even though it is right there in front of everyone's faces.
As I have said over the years: "Silence is truly Golden" for our government players and their cooperatives...
Please copy this communication and share with all that you know and ask them to do the same. Share especially with business owners and those in the corporate arena. Most would never have thought of the obvious as shown here. The impact on them if they "get it" would be as substantial as it gets.
Who knows, a few of those media talking heads and corporate leaders may just get an inkling of ethical honor combined with true guts and start openly talking about the CAFR and government's now collective ownership of it all...
The bottom line boils down to if we shall return to what our founding fathers envisioned for us, a free, independent, wealthy people, or will we stay and continue to be the new absolute communist empire with a fascist twist as things stand today. Standing today being that we all were lulled to sleep with designed masterful entertainment and distraction..
Truly Yours and Sincerely,
Walter Burien - CAFR1
PS: I posted the above to my Facebook timeline a little bit ago and Facebook took it down in 3-minutes noting it was flagged against their posting policy as SPAM where only I would be able to see the post. Try copying and posting to your Facebook account and see what happens..  I did take the step to ask Facebook to review for reconsideration to allow it to post..