Notice of Retirement 2.0
February 6, 2023 AD (Gregorian)

Originally July 1, 2008 AD (Gregorian)

To all who receive this NOTICE/Notice/notice
Effective upon the date you see this notice, I have not been reporting federal income since 2009 for 2008 and have not retained employment or marriage of any kind and currently seek no standings in commerce, no legal capacities other than donor beneficiary trustee with unlimited rights to private contracting, no citizenship business obligations, other than to keep the peace and do no harm to others, although I may still buy and/or use goods and/or services for me the man to use and/or dispose of lawfully as I see fit.
I seek to fully receive all that is owed to me to begin in monthly installments upon the commencement of my claim payout period upon the time an American business unit recognizes my disabled retirement start and onset. I learned my parent had become a donor of my name without receiving full disclosure. I see a STATE franchise processed a conversion to make their THING IDENTIFIED and players in the chain got their nice bonuses. Somewhere after 2008 the state began to use a NAME "James A Homyak" [a thing] without asking me if this could be done and accepted as a mystery of the system requirement to have a middle initial. 
I am not occupying my current standings as sole proprietor or individual or taxpayor or person. I do not earn federal income, as I see I never actual did in the past either. I have gotten every commercial claim settled and went out of debt. I then privatized and documented my birthright status as the sovereign. I do not seek to be surveiled via the exploitation of public or private resources. I never applied for employment, public or private; never went to work for any federal or state government agency, public or private. I do however claim into the range of six million dollars today based on gold that had been pledged upon my baptism via exchanges between foreign powers and unregistered foreign agents and at interest, in lieu of my 400 ounce body, a two year old: $138,716 at May 968 baptism weight: would be current value of $ 6,190,696.91 payable by May 2021. I also will make an abatement claim of $340.400.00 as credit against future possible taxes state or federal.
My retirement during 2008 has started early and my failed marriage of 25 years ended seven years ago, due to me becoming physically disabled and losing my mind in "purported" mental illness handed down genetically by my parents, who are both deceased for some time now already. I have become a "vulnerable" adult during my early 50's while living at camp sites near mountain streams, while remaining an elder parent who claims to not really know the nearly 30 year old son Nicholas back at Minnesota, all that well lately (who will have reached adulthood in 2014 while ruining his dads Wyoming affordable housing situation)
I am no longer in the American workforce -- former companies decided to not rehire -- at far too early a time in life for me. I've attempted coming out of retirement several times and every time failed in approximately 90 days or less. My mind does not process like everyone else. This is very unfortunate for me as well as those INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and IRS agencies who thought nothing of the fact that I was deceived by public opinion for the years of 1980 through 2020 into answering for what I signed for and report with certain paperwork. I had to end my former gainful employment during June 2008 and begin planning a new venture. Then tried, then failed, then received my wake up call, found the beginning of my life's work. Then for all I had inappropriately treasured, I gave it all away, taking a couple of tons with me to drift the high plains over about a decade, I hit the road from region to place to low populations. I slowly achieved poverty and non-taxpayer status, life became stress free, went into the country, lived well. Then suddenly symptoms onset and I should have gone to an ER quickly -- but it subsided for almost 60 days. Toward the end everything tastes like sand and gravel. Then I had to go 12/11/19 and life ended as we'd known it. Life will seem like an alternate reality over the forseeable future. 
I am no longer acting in the capacity of “voluntary transactor in commerce” and have taken myself private both physically and administratively. I can no longer be construed as "a Federal Person" nor "a subject" nor "a statutory citizen" as per my records indicate I had never served in any public office INTERNAL to that east coast government edifice with its 185,000 various sub-contracted entities inside its own internal chain of command -- which have been proliferated to rise up against the American people. Learning all of this has helped precipitate my early retirement and my divorce from local, county, state and national entities.
In retirement going forward, I am no longer administrating for any trade or business "in the United States" or "in the States" here outside that foreign Washington, D.C. realm. All of your Foreign, Domestic, Non-Profit or Commerce communications of any kind, directed to my former identities, will be met with my face turning to a blank stare as I may not respond to implied contracts, presumed contracts or administrative process. Written communications to the “former identities” [Administrative Personas, LEGAL PERSONS, etc.] may be returned as refused for being mischaracterized or may be entirely discarded without any return service for being misaddressed or deemed unsolicited mail. I will respond in the flesh if I accidentally injure any one or damage any property.
Here are the three former identities I had unknowingly administrated for in a public or private capacity, as styled here for readers or representatives or agents or principals to carefully note these three distinctions:
JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK (foreign fictional persona that I had been expected to stand-in for)
 – a foreign LEGAL identity created by one STATE OF MINNESOTA PROBATE COURT during 1966 (and perhaps will continue into the future, but this is NOT me) (I’ve retired the THING)
JAMES HOMYAK (not-for-profit fictional persona that I had been expected to stand-in for)
– a non-profit Catholic Church persona created by one HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE and then presumed upon by a variety of business enterprises wearing a cloak of non-profit during 1970 (and perhaps will continue into the future, but this is NOT me) (I’ve retired the THING)
JAMES A HOMYAK (domestic fictional device that I had been expected to answer to and stand-in for)
– a domestic transmitting utility identity created by one U.S. Government entity which [it] then shared with other related entities and agencies without my foreknowledge or consent between 1980 and 2008 (and shall not continue into the future, as this is NOT me) (I did not create such THING) (my late parents never created such THING) (You are to cease and desist your use of such THING).
In retirement, I the man, James Allen Homyak, no longer provide “a signature” upon the business document(s) created "for" any of these above fictional personas. However for my one living natural “self” I may provide “my autograph” to indicate my intention to take your written communications, goods or services into my possession for the purpose of keeping records and/or using goods or services that I want to have and/or use. For example:  In the future I may decide to rent a place to live as my shelter and where then I would write "my autograph" onto the document(s) needed to form a two-way relationship where I gain  rights to inhabit and to undertake stewardship to care for my household and respect the space and property of those involved -- such as property managers, property owners and any or all neighbors. 
I have now begun to reject or decline any or all goods or services that I do not want. This keeps things simple. If I am incapacitated, we turn over command of my body, my possessions, my personal effects and my labeled private property to my next of kin, my living family I grew up with, as documented in records they now retain for such purpose. They too recognize my written directives in retirement.
I can only engage in lawful activity. I reject all LEGAL AFFAIRS activities. You may be charged with felony crimes for coming after me offensively with LEGAL AFFAIRS or LEGAL MATTERS of any kind. If I should be forced to undertake administrative due process in my defense, I will see to it that all comers face liens and/or be forced to stop, by my applying the full force and effect of the public law to any one in their, or its, full capcity in public or private while engaging a trial by jury.  
Expressly Reserving All My Rights as a peaceful Minnesotan, as a non-domestic American, as a non-combatant, as a lawful natural being and non-citizen common man gone back to being the sovereign Minnesotan as a non-individual, as a non-person, as a non-occupant, as a non-registered voter in any election or jurisdiction public or private, as a donor/beneficiary, as I see fit via fully informed disclosure. 
I do not consent to being governed or managed. 
By: James Allen Homyak, retired, private, free inhabitant, beneficiary