Purported 11:11 or 11/11 Interruptions Inbound for Americans, Irish, Chinese and others...

By: James Allen (Jim) Homyak

November 10 & 11, 2023

By the time you read this, you may already be aware that several sources are reporting a plethora of possibilities about [predictable events] to catch us off-guard or unaware around this time every year.

All of the 11/11 predictions have been swirling since way back before each of our lives on this planet.

A lot of people report that as they happen to look at their clock, it happens to be 11:11am or 11:11pm at the precise time they wonder what time it is. Is there some significance to this? Is this an angel speaking to them?  Does the number 11 11 have some cosmic meaning?

Here is a sampling of possilities which may affect you in some way:

Right now today, you can research any of these topics for yourself using "search.brave.com" to sidestep the censored results you get at mainstream search providers.

I feel the need to put this out there.... 

"Woke" is not where you are at when you've got your own handle on the majority of these topics...  No! You are more like "wide awake" as you match your own personal experiences through these various perspectives. I hope that as you awaken, you too can have some fun with any of this.

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I hope you realize the possibility....

As you put any "smart home" and "home automation" technology products and "internet capable devices" such as "smartphones" into your home or automobile, which you had bought through "Amazon" dot com, or any Big Brother company, you have just opened your home and your life to /THEM/Them/them.

THEM - Corporations
Them - Rogue Actors
them - the underlings

Their communications technologies are designed to operate as surveillance devices and to communicate amongst each other via 5G technology and transmit everything covertly to collection points around the world -- namely fusion centers and artificial intelligence language services.

The combined goal is data acquisition and all of the data, in this century, is like “black gold” to all of THEM/Them/them.  The data points are many such as these:

  • what you buy, sell, dispose of, sum total of your value, etc.; 
  • what you consume, trade, store, replenish, etc.;
  • what you're doing, saying, reading, writing, thinking, etc.;
  • who you know, who they know, your networking, etc.;
  • who you trust, love, honor, like, dislike, dishonor, etc.;
  • where you go, have gone, plan to go, talk of going, etc.;
  • where you vote, whether or not you are a consenting citizen, etc.;
  • how you think, react, respond, conspire, comply, etc.;
  • when you decide on any change you make in life, etc.;

The above home tech devices are forming a microwave radiation-emitting spider web which will allow Big Data/Big Telecom and Big Brother to capture what happens inside and outside every one of you and your homes at every moment of your life.

5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes.

Next time you want to go and buy a "smart" device, remember the device is not the product, you are and your data is.

SMART is simply another one of their giant list of acronyms:

S - surveil
M - manage
A - acquire
R - record
T - transport

Lots of people know me to constantly bring up topics for deeper discussion....

Each of the weblinks in this article will open you up to information from a wide variety of awakened people out there. Here is an expanded listing for those who want to really dig deeper:

As you visit these search links, note that it can open you to being able to scroll the depths of authors and content to find helpful information. 

Now that I've got so much in one place, I ask you again, please consider reaching out to me for adding to this compendium, or to debate me on any of this, or to ask me to revise something that you can prove to be in error.  Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and thank you in advance.






Take care of yourselves and each other.

Live in peace, promote peace and DO NOT condone violence or hatred.