The Shocking Truth Is This... 

By: James Allen Homyak
First published May 12, 2023

In this lengthy essay we will address the matters seen in a growing number of "internet published video segments" about innocent men (usually) and a few women too, who are attempting to defend themselves in front of our run-amok legal system's Court proceedings; also in trying to avoid being trespassed upon while facing encounters with uniformed officers -- before ever getting to Court; where the following eleven situations often times occur:

  • people are living under the theft of their identity and commercial conversion from early childhood 
  • people are instantly construed as consenting to being governed by corporations in government
  • people are mistakenly believing so many lies told by so many various sources that we are lost totally
  • people are mis-construed as Corporate or Incorporated or ceded property owned by the STATE
  • people are mis-characterized as voluntarily transacting in or standing in commerce
  • people are instantly regarded as public entities who by default are subjected to codes and statutes
  • people are assumed to be using the roadways for commercial gain, driving for hire
  • people are facing encounters where officers are pre-programmed to escalate the situation
  • people are increasingly presumed guilty on the street until proven innocent via expensive defense
  • people are able to lawfully have self-defense items, at the ready, yet are being murdured on site for so doing
  • people are confused about how to govern themselves in such encouters, their words or actions are not prepared 


Here is a typical senario... 

In court, it is usually a man of color who is being railroaded into a remand, under color-of-law, held in custody for several more days, against his will, victimized by the obvious RICO BAR prosecutor's age old racketeering operation.  The racket is created with charges being trumped up. The LEO tries to find probable cause. The charging instrument is written with statutes or code infractions written in with fines, fees, etc. and a court appearance as deemed necessary.

The man wants to appeal the charges, to  defend himself, and goes into Court as himself, but is converted into a THING to re-present himself as the Agent for their THING they are charging. He is distraught and under duress, being told he needs a lawyer??? Good luck with that!!!  (ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching, money, money and more money).


Question: Why would we want a lawyer? 

Answer: Our faked standing is really a contrived persona which we are expected to stand-in for as the admitted authorized representative, while not being allowed to try to describe to the judge that they are making a mistake, while nobody is listening. Perhaps there is a slight amount of biased listening taking place but the Court is still intending to railroad for a win for the State, the Bank and the BAR. The ones who believe there is an error ARE NOT purporting to stand internally. In fact they could have documents to prove they are not one of their owned THINGs and further, that nobody has been harmed.

According to the Prosecution and the  Judge, PERSONS are supposed to realize this fiction so that PERSONS bring in a lawyer to speak for our THING IDENTIFIED. As they say, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" and this quote is used against the accused but seldom ever against the accuser(s).  We, the people, are mute; our essence taken from us administratively as we got converted from man or woman to PERSON / RESIDENT / CITIZEN / WE THE PEOPLE things by the System of Commerce / Bank / Court / State / Probate without any disclosure. As such, we are deemed to be unqualified to speak the BAR association's patented legalese to any one.

Our given and inherited names, got converted into an ALL CAPS name and years later, in this Court matter, a LEGAL NAME is a attached to their legal system's Commerce Vessel.

  • First Name / FIRST NAME
  • Last Name / LAST NAME 

Just as the 14th Amendment turns Corporations into Persons, the various Acts of the Corporation Congresses now turn people (in name only) into Corporations. When our biological parent completed the Birth Registration paperwork, the Hospital Administrator then sent in the paperwork which then donated our lawful given names into an "identification" for the STATE OF STATE (OHIO, for example) unknowingly by our parents. Our identity was then put into Trust, operated commercially for her majesty according to tenets of the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666  for us to become our STATE's created ESTATE "as a public service to us" as the STATE-created administrative game token [vessel in commerce] and as a public debt transmitting utility or financial conduit to flow money behind the scenes between accounts. (to attorn)

Those types of Vessels (aka ships floated at sea) are what attorneys and lawyers have engineered long ago to make a living at -- so expensive as they are -- and definitely foreign. 

These apparent administrative law judges are haphazardly trying to patiently move things along, and clearly don't even know what they, as the referees, don't know. They are paid off to be clueless and itching to order the attorney to get busy and to attorn so that the next matter can be called in.

Are these babbling men and women standing accused of something vexatious in statutory administrative claims against himself? Yeah, sure, you betcha! That's how THEY / They / they roll!  Of course he or she is!  Getting a plea of some kind is the number one goal for the money to flow.

They steamroller people (our ESTATE) and others like us fairly routinely. Sadly this happens to too many of the American people. Um, actually it is living men and women who stand-in as The People / Persons / Things Identified as spoken of >here< for a great read. 


What happens? 

Our private body happens to get dragged under public ordinances, etc...

Administrative Law judges, or magistrates, order people to be taken into custody over code infractions, as well-know revenue opportunities in the form of bonds and fines and fees, where nobody has harmed anybody physically, but now the defendant becomes harmed bodily and financially. His value gets further pilfered and eroded. He gets deprived of his lawful rights under color of law by armed guards and private security detail who force him to answer to legalisms. They cuff him and stuff him. They get his financials opened up and his money flows away. 

They're doing these legalized assults, extorsions and tort violations to earn paychecks and make money and move money around. Period. 

Over on "Law Talk With Mike" we watch Mike go on and on mocking the disadvantaged men and women inside of Mike's ill-informed line of thinking. Mike's perspective and hot-button soapbox needs to be disagreed with by a lot of knowledgeable influential people with power to use their voices to defend freedom... to end organized Municipal slavery.  Mike seems to be having a lot of fun seeing how law enforcement operators are trying to deal with people who don't consent to being governed. 


Hear that Mike? 

I've listened to Mike carefully to hear him say several times, "I don't know" and he is correct in those statements of admitting that he doesn't know...  Actually, he doesn't know what he doesn't know that he doesn't know. Perhaps after he spends some time with this article; with the links on this site; he will begin to become better informed. Similar nescient and ignorant people jump on his bandwagon. Mike suffers from layers deep of not knowing. Americans suffer from layers deep of not knowing what they don't know. People with only half the story, and with no political status declarations in the public record, will keep on getting chewed up and spit out by the flawed approach they take to revoke their consent to being governed. They fail to gain documented and recognized immunity under the Foreign Soverign Immunities Act as they have no clue how to properly apply FSIA to themselves as a de jure American state national actual man or woman who does not regard themselves as a person, thing identified, 14th amendment statutory citizen created by a rough-shod government that deliberately gets government all wrong for financial gain.  


For instance: The phrase "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron.

Read that again. Think about it. A sovereign is a creator. 

Question:  Is a sovereign creator (read: the creator of a foreign Federal Government as a specifically limited agency) also simultaneously acting as his own citizen subject of that Agency?

Answer:  Nope! How can that be possible? The Creator could have their heads lopped off or put them in detention if the created citizen wanted to try to rise up to rule over the Creator or rebel against him. The slave is not the head of its master. 

Under the horribly expensive ways [ THEY / They ]  operate, thou can't be allowed to "stand-in" as an administratively created slave "U.S. Citizen" or "state Municipal citizen on paper" and acting in name only fictionally, while at the same time thou are (allegedly) claiming to physically be a creator or the sovereign master or a foreign sovereign. Thou wouldst will be ridiculed by those hearsay lovers. What happened to Christ at the hands of the municipal King?   Crucify!!! 


Get this:

People are Creators. People are made in the image of the Creator. People become masters. The people are the sovereign. In our multi-jurisdictional country, the people are foreign sovereigns with respect to Washington, D.C. People have powerful minds but seldom get beyond 10% of mental capacity.  The other 90% wastes away too often and for evil to persist good men must do nothing. 

Smart people earn their master's degree to go on to do masterful deeds.

The American people masterfully created the three layers of governments to perform a limited amount of (not exactly servants or slaves based on great pay, etc. and veils to hide behind) government services.

  • Services foreign
  • Services domestic
  • Services non-profit


Men and women create children

Question: Do slave governments have those masterful biologic powers to create children?

Answer: No, but the State's incorporations, corporations, partnerships and trust foundations are sure jealous enough to try making clone slave beings as owned property in Laboratories, but that's beside the point. 

In real-time, the states foist off the Marriage License to then silently make the marriage into a civil union to then convert the husband and wife into another specie in commerce as another financial trust, where the children offspring become wards of the state and get administratively ceded to the United States. The deed happens in a sequence of events but nobody tells thou the details because we are all brought up to regard that process as a part of the system.

The STATE's de jure limited governments, created originally by early American men, got converted to Commercial Municipalities over time. Then after the 1940's (to today), received a mother's or father's newborn paperwork to declare their baby... thinking that is their duty to be law abiding, etc. etc. to "register" baby but then, (regis means to give up). The originally sovereign mother or father had their fresh new free baby converted from "a state American born on the land and soil" into a new statutory THING IDENTIFIED. As such baby was expected to be trained to voluntarily become a juridical person sacrificially - a U.S. Citizen. Such citizen was assumed and run as a corporate holding and internal asset as a collateralized thing-a-ma-jig the fake financial system demands its collateral to hypotecate its war debt and odious usury, for fun, excitment and enormous profit). Then the PERSON thing got created administratively, stood up as "a People" in the STATE house's PROBATE COURT and then the FEDERAL house to become a Resident federal person and internal social security beneficiary trustee under the doctrine of merger in trust law to try and get hold of thy wealth as thou slowly die. (mouthful, I know).

The things done to baby's identity during the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER process are spun-up under the corporation Congress's Maternity Act, Buck Act, The New Deal, etc. all in support of the Federal Reserve Act under corporate powers garnered in secret long ago... by the de facto.   

This new resident (a thing identified) is an undisclosed Administrative construct that got spun-up by the corporation.

The new identity is stood-up as a Corporation franchisee and given a duality citizenship to administrate for, first to the FEDERAL FRANCHISE, second to the STATE OF STATE FRANCHISE.

The corporation Federal Government uses its Administrations to make its franchise citizens on paper.

The de facto corporation government holds actual people's feet to this fire for what? To pay thy fair share?

The people go through generations of being taught that this is our SYSTEM. 

People raise their USA Flag up their flagpoles on top of their State flag if the remember to even buy one at all.. Just like everyone else. 

See how that is backasswards?

Do thou see what has been lost on the ages? 

The Holy Book goes on top if thou will let it, followed by the State flag, then followed by thy national flag at the bottom of the pile.


I stand by the order in which man created our constructs under God

1. God >

2. Man >

3. Woman >

4. Government >

5. Limited Agency >

Then as a baby grows up, in America, it is taught via public education to continue to do more and more to solidify its role-playing, to cure the material conversion, in favor of letting its home STATE become beneficiary, pilfer the assets, as the youth reaches adult years to gleefully become Authorized Representative to its frachise identification papers, by affixing its signature in wet ink -- even when told to never sign anything because "signing" is a sly hoodwink to admit thyself into fraud.

Then thou are not even aware of the fraud thou are committing.


Wow! Awake now?

Do thou see how modern banking and the government facility has completely vilified our sovereign roots? The roles have been gradually reversed right under our noses.

  • Voting
  • Employment
  • Hiring Attorneys
  • Military Service
  • Reporting as a U.S. Citizen on paper
  • Etc. etc. by signing for it

These Residents, in effect, put aside their free sovereign statehood voices in exchange for Washington D.C.'s  incorporation of their new identities to obtain what? 

Why? How? When?

To obtain Benefits --

  • Military protectorate
  • Various Contrived Protections
  • Construed Freedom
  • Police protections
  • Sheriff protections
  • Legal System protections, namely bankruptcy protection
  • Old age survivor's benefits
  • Civil Rights
  • Disease prevention
  • Public healthcare
  • Public education
  • Municipal infrastructure, etc, etc.

Back at the early 1820's the colonies were fixing to advance the new union of states across the entire geographic land mass by way of treaties but they saw a problem.

The problem turned out to be conniving and corrupt fake lawyers and fake attorneys with ulterior motives.

To solve the problem, one state helped to ratify laws amongst all the states to implement the original February 19, 1825 13th amendment to prohibit titles of nobility, associated attorneys, (British foreign agents) from entrance into public office.

These truths got blinded and occulted intentionally after the 1825's in America.

Their following revised 13th amendment did away with this prohibition of allowing foreign agents into American public office. 

Now today we have what is known as "law enforcement" and "BAR Association members" doing their darndest to arm up against what they call, that oxymoron phrase -- sovereign citizens.

Too bad some have gotten violent. Imagine their outrage.

The root truth here is, people who've taken the time to discover the truth and push back against the racketeering and corruption, are getting labeled as nut jobs and ridiculed as those deserving to be locked up.

Rounds of ammo pumped into mistaken young people.  Judge, jury, executioners in our public places. Rampant escalations of stupid actions.  Even the COPS don't know their agencies all got converted into UCC standing incorporations.


What else got converted? 

The entire American Civil gov't and all 185,000 agencies became foreign agencies right under American's noses from the 1950s onward. They became sub-franchises under the modified secondary American replacement thing (a Cadre of sub-contractors) without anyone being told what they were up to.  Read that again. Let it sink in.  There is sooo much proof of these conversions. There is so much proof they now operate without valid contracts. Where are their valid oaths and where are their foreign agent registrations?  Crickets!

Thus they buy up all the ammunition, etc.  So, now, we have the so-called sovereign citizen movement, who discovered that we Americans have unalienable rights bestowed to Americans within The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, to self-govern and be left alone to pursue happiness -- but because of 192+ years of erasing our heritage, we grow up clueless.

We grow toward becoming penniless. 

Becoming clueless has been one of the largest economic losses we suffer at the hands of our enslavement mechanisms run by our company of controllers. 

Attorneys today aren't taught the truth, not even at Harvard Law School, so we hear them say things like "the Articles of Confederation got obsoleted and isn't important anymore" but here is the question:

Can thou show me one attorney who knows that America's Confederacy was a product of the Articles of Confederation, which needed a Northwest Ordinance to establish the property management system on each state -- for property that would be ceded to The United States for needful buildings, arsenals, dockyards, post roads, etc., and further, that the American Confederacy was put in place at the people's state house for providing government services upon the land and soil jurisdiction for the unincorporated American people? Nope. Who is this nut?)  The law professionals are not taught these truths because these truths exist above those corporations that attorneys run... where their objective is to move money between company accounts internally.

Questions: Was the Constitution then created to fit in below all of this upon the first three parts of the organic law above?

Answer: Yes! 

Here is that original American world order....

A. Our Natural Creator of all that is;

B. Natural people, men, women, children; 

C. Our Town, our County, our State, our open and documented Public Laws;

   1. Declaration of Independence -- July 4, 1776;

   2. Articles of Confederation -- November 15, 1777;

   3. Northwest Ordinance -- July 13, 1787;

   4. Constitution of the united States of America -- September 17, 1787.

   5. The Bill of Rights. 

   6. Corporation Contracts, fictional persons, play actors  tasks for and about about commercial governments;

   7. Then comes internal statutes (these are all codes residing below the public law) and below that the civil ordinances. Today,because the states have yielded to the Federal power structure, we have item 7 acting as if it is item 1 ahead of the states. 

Yes, C.4. is below C. 1,2 and 3.  

The man in Mike's joke video is stuck somewhere in item 7. and being joked about as if he thinks he is above the law. 

Proof exists that he does not, as a man, belong stuck anywhere below C1 unless he goes into servant role in public office.  

Do thou see now why the bankers, a long time ago, had to see to it that our newborn identities got to be converted from A and B into C4 and below, as contrived and construed U.S. Citizens, all the way down to 7?  

Fraud has been committed in this country 24/7/365 by turning item 7 into item A over 200 years ago right under our noses. 


Debate me in these arguments! 

Debate the sovereign and thou will be humbled. 

Do attorneys and lawyers defend this for we the people? 



Deer in the headlight! 

They are corporate and internal !

The American people are external !

The facts concerning our external Creator's roles have been lost to the ages.

Instead of cycling the truth to all, we get decades of expensive omissions and mis-information.

We all get education that is watered down.

We get floride in our water systems.

We get our pineal glands calcified.

We stupify ourselves into the repeat consent to go along just to get along.

We allow ourselves to have to endure years of repeated false information.

Then lies became truths, as we know to be happening.

Tell a lie long enough and people believe it. 

Then we parrot the hearsay -- hearsay that people who claim to NOT be a subject of legislation are nut jobs and sov cits.


Go figure  

How many people KNOW that legislation is for businesses who interact with governments? 

Again, deer in the headlights.  

Then we see jokes (some paid actors)  stand up and supposedly interrupt court proceedings, trying to be heard with sadly partial truths, to help further discredit whisle-blowers. 

I tried to listen to this accused man too. 

He didn't go into that room properly prepared with his own knowledge.

The tape of that mock hearing would not even be released to the public had a knowledgeable speaker been at that podium schooling that robed hireling. 

Where do we get the missing knowledge? Research, research and more research.

We need open town hall discussions that are NOT censored.

We need to reestablish actual courts and actual juries.

But this western culture is one of instant gratification.... short attention spans.... kudos if you've gotten this far into this essay)...  censorship... twisted omissions.... distractions.... medications... Illnesses... legal vs lawful confusions... etc.etc.

Try to find the clues to unwind this mess.

Evil corrupt people, and their corrupted "attorneys" and "lawyers" and even the "corrupt attorney's corrupt attorneys" went on a rampage during the late 1820's to revise America's organic laws and amendments to create secondary look-alike replica constitutions foreign, constitutions domestic, constitutions municipal, to then permit such titles of nobility (Esquires and Misters, those British foreign powers) into our American public offices.

Then by the time America's economic and social decline reached the 1870's the push to convert America to become a Commercial mecca for those barons of the day got it's big breath of life with passage of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.  The fact checkers love this one. The truth is so shocking, like "Oh my god" that the paid shills have to do all they can to cloud over this and make thee think it is all hogwash. 

The original American de jure government became the de facto FEDERAL CORPORATION housed outside America at Washington D.C. - a tiny piece of the converted areas of Virginia and Maryland to form the District in which it stands.  See annimation.

Back in the early 1860's, while Brit Lincoln did what he did, mercenaries destroyed the confederacy. The American presidency was altered nearly permanently and in secret. America's pure original state government by the people and of the people and for the people was destroyed, through a mercenary conflict, dubbed Civil War, to be replaced by stand-in actors from overseas.

The constitutions got revised late night and without quorum.

As I said, there are now three constitutions as a result:

1 original 1787

2. Federal 1790

3. Municipal 1871-77

The vacant state houses got downsized by 1/3 as the elected or trusted confederacy people were killed during 1863. After the 1860's the British Monarchy (wearing a big hat) together with the Holy Roman Empire Pope (wearing a big hat) devised a complex means to replace the original unincorporated American state Confederacy construct with 2 foreign sub-contractor corporations.

Today we have the Pope's Municipal Government incorporation as the Domestic United States (185,000 State, County, City, Towns, etc.) and we have the British Crown's secretive people standing in for the Incorporated versions of America's "foreign U.S." construct that runs half our military around the planet where it doesn't belong. We also have the U.S. Postal Union and we have The United States Postal Service and we have USPS. All the "Agencies" are running in duplicate for Foreign and Domestic activities. 

Now in modern times also and at the end of the day, we find our insurance industry is going broke in paying out on damage claims, injury claims and death claims. Therefore some of the first things our commercialized selves are enduring is the immediate assumption that we are conducting our selves within insurable circumstances such as using our automobile. The companies in the insurance lobby are making darned sure that codes, statutes, private policies, public policies, contracts and governing laws are all enforced to the largest extent possible to help reduce the financial burden.   


Bottom line...

These ARE THE REASONS Americans say that we want our sovereignty restored to us, rightfully so...

America is so irreparably broken. What we know to be our government today needs to be reconstructed to put the missing pieces back into place. 

America is so thoroughly converted to Commerce Vessels, under Admiralty and Maritime, and Lex Mercatoria, by tenets of the Hanseatic Legue and the foreign central bank, the IMF, etc.) that our now dysfunctional courts run interference for covering over Amerca's corporation government's repeated bankruptcies.

Good luck learning our original American History now that the whitewashed U.S. History is forced to dominate thy shielding of the truths with increasing lies.

Good luck being taught the prized possessions of strong knowledge in Natural Law and Trust Law.

These discoveries and revelations are not new.

Those who "get it" are not consenting to being governed by the facade.

Those who want truth, freedom, peace, survival and love are those now being called sovereign citizens. What a terrible joke.

I love America.

love my Creator.

My Creator is not a government entity.


Is thy Creator a government entity?


Well then guess what...

Thou aren't a citizen. Thou art a sovereign.

Thou art a people. Thine ancestors got distracted. Those early people, from somewhere, have let a real mess happen.

Let's get busy creating something useful to sort out this mess.

People have had enough and it is high time to put ourselves each back into the sovereign standing as we were found upon our "born on" date -- which is a good day for me to write of such things.

Anna Von Reitz has devoted so many of her recent years, as have so many others close to her. She has pretty much been non-stop in her effort to get people in America to focus on not being dependent on the mess in corporate governments.  Instead of adhering to their mess forevermore, read this link at Paul Stramer's website...