Paper work for new international system being drawn up as Satanic rule implodes

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Lawyers and bankers are drawing up documents for a new international system that will be phased in starting this autumn and going into 2025. This work is necessary because, if the details are not worked out properly, huge problems will emerge as things snowball into massive world changes. This fine-tuning requires time. What needs to be made clear though is that this is not going to be a transfer of power from one secret group to another, The new system will be handed over to the people so that “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

In the meantime, the Satanic “rules-based world order” will continue to implode. This means were are going to experience a lot of turbulence as the last of the Satanists struggle desperately to keep control of the planet and avoid war crimes tribunals.

The latest sign of this was the murder of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his companions. Multiple Israeli accounts & other well-known accounts now report it was an assassination done by Israeli Mossad.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says that “if we find evidence that Israel is involved in the helicopter crash of the President of Iran, we will respond beyond the imagination of Israel and its allies.”

With Raisi dead, Iranian sources say the next Supreme Leader is most likely Ali Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba Khamenei. This means a return to dynastic rule in Persia. Whose dynastic rule is yet to be decided though.

What is clear is this is yet another desperate attempt by the Satanic Zionists to start World War III in order to murder most of humanity. Remember, Khameini was installed by the Rothschilds to play his role in their planned Gog (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) versus Magog (G7) Armageddon war.

As a part of this planned show, Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) sent a warning to the UK, Germany, and France after the trio deployed their warplanes to defend the Israeli regime against a retaliatory operation staged by Iran last month. In other words, since Israel has been stopped from starting an all-out war with Iran, they will try to use European countries instead.

Planetary liberation alliance sources in the Pentagon say what will happen instead is Israel will cease to be a State and Israeli puppets will be removed. “We are in the end game now for Netanyahu and his close associates,” the source says adding “Persia may return to the Pahlavi dynasty. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is being groomed. He is working with the WH Alliance.” Here you can watch his father King Pahlavi try to enlighten the American people about their Zionist controllers.

“The Persian people are definitely shifting away from the current rulers,” the source says

A shift away from current leaders is needed in most Western countries as well. This means is the white hat military still has a lot of house cleaning to do before the new financial system and new international architecture start.

This cannot be done under current Western leadership. In an example of this, fake Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre can be seen lying below about Israel. How about his statement that the Jews have lived there for 3,000 years? It is a lie. This is the land of Judea. Remember, Poilievre has been bribed with money stolen from Canadians via fraudulent PRC tests. It is a safe bet he is also being blackmailed. The same of course is true of vaccine mass murderer Justin Castrudeau.

What people in the West need to realize is that the holocaust was a mass sacrifice to Satan in order to initiate Satanic rule over the world. The Temple the Satanists planned to build was to be a place of human and animal sacrifice. As a part of their plan, the Satanists forced brainwashed Europeans into Israel and convinced them to expropriate and murder the Judeans, whom they misleadingly call Palestinians.

This press release from the US military central command shows this is no longer going to be tolerated. It says that -with the backing of US troops- an international relief effort has begun to support the Judeans.

In Israel and the US meanwhile, the Jews have begun to wake up. Lily Greenberg Call, a Jewish staffer in the Department of Interior, resigned saying Biden “has the blood of innocent people on his hands….What I have learned from my Jewish tradition is that every life is precious. That we are obligated to stand up for those facing violence and oppression and to question authority in the face of injustice,” she said.

Awakened Jews like her are staging massive daily demonstrations to call for the removal of would-be dictator Benyamin Satanyahu. The provocation against Iran will not stop his removal from this earth.

His removal will be part of a lot of removal work to be done in the West before it is completely cured of its Satanic infestation.

One example is the revealing of a portrait of King Charles that set the internet on fire with its’ Satanic images.

Charles was installed 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth. This satirical video of him unveiling the portrait is basically true. Even though we have been told repeatedly the original Charles is dead; as long as avatars or CGs are presented to the world’s media, the fight is not over.

BBC also reports King Charles has handed over a prestigious army role to his son Prince William in “a symbolic handing over of the baton.” This is a German attempt to take control of the UK military and it will fail, MI6 warns.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, who friends of Princess Diana say was sacrificed to Satan, will not be appearing at Charles’ Wimbledon parade. She has not been seen in public since Christmas.

MI6 sources say they are fighting hard to remove the German-linked Satanists from power in England and Ireland and that it will happen sooner, rather than later.

There is also a crisis in Australia where the government has just passed a Satanic mark of the beast digital ID law. Labor Minister Stephen Jones says it’s completely “optional,” but then inadvertently reveals that businesses could “mandate” it.

In what was likely a related move, “Google Cloud ‘accidentally deleted’ the private cloud account of the Australian pension fund worth $125 billion…Although service restoration commenced on Thursday, it may take some time for investment balances to reflect accurate figures. (translation: the money is gone).”

Looks like the Rockefellers are looting Australian pensions in addition to Japanese pensions to try to stay in business.

This is linked to vaccine passports and COVID-19 shots. The government knows the vaccines are killing people, and they are “deliberately suppressing doctors” from reporting vaccine deaths, warns Senator Malcolm Roberts.

MI6 informs us a top Satanist in Australia and a high-priority white hat target is...

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