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Restoration of our Rights

The Journey Has Begun

Each State Assembly has its Coordinator, Recorders and numerous volunteers. Meetings are ongoing to educate all incoming new members in the matter of self-governance. You are being called home too - back onto the land and soil of your State where you live.

You will now learn WHY and HOW to finally correct your status (Paper Up) and return to the land and soil of your State and become an active State Assembly member. Soon our courts will begin to function - some have begun already. Soon too OUR Continental Congress will be called into session.

This article will give you the tools to set in place a solid foundation of understanding - for the journey ahead. Presently you will be showered with the historical facts about all the bad actors, their lies and crimes committed against us - still ongoing - against humanity - and how they have enslaved not only Americans but the entire world for thousands of years.

What Are The States and Why Do We Need to Assemble Them?

The States of the Union known as America are now under reconstruction for the first time since the Civil War 160 years ago. During that time we have been predated by the Holy See / the Roman Curia and the British Crown Monarch.

On the Land and Soil of your State is what is known as original jurisdiction, from which your freedom comes. Your next step is to Paper Up and declare your standing on the land and soil as a man or woman. You will attend your State Assembly meetings each week and find ways to become active and to help others Paper Up as well.


The chores of self- governance are many, and we take up those roles because we understand this is an historical calling. We are chosen to prepare the way, to seat our courts, to bring forth our peacekeeping militia, to set down OUR laws, to instruct our corporate service providers what we expect of them in order to keep their constitutional contract with America~! We are reaching out to the Law Enforcement Communities to educate them that “we the people” are assembled and what that means for them.


Revelations of voter fraud, the fake pandemic, unlawful lockdowns, mask wearing mandates and the forced vaccinations already underway are signals proclaiming the urgency to which millions are responding. But most do not know what to do. You do.

Repopulating of the States is happening at a quick cadence as the urgency of the times is dawning upon the slumbering masses.

What is called reconstruction - reconstructing the States of the Union of States - is happening across America - one State at a time. It never happened after the Civil War. We were lied to about this and now we have lost our rights and the wealth we were to have inherited from our forefathers and from the land that was granted to us freely.

But who would lie about that and why~?

What was there to gain by lying~?

And, why didn’t anyone stop it~?

The answers to these and many more questions will be answered. Below in the Study Up section you will learn more about this vital education. Anna von Riezinger is the author of over 3,000 papers that she continues to write each week. She has produced more that 100 video/audio dissertations (more every week) and published various books and manuals. We are reading them all so we stand beside her in the monumental achievement - bringing the land of the free back to life.

This body of knowledge - gathered over hundreds and thousands of hours collectively by truth seekers in America and around the world - is now in one archive thanks to Anna’s tireless work, that of others too, and that of her family across generations. She is blazing the trail home.

It took many generations because those perpetrating the fraud intentionally deceived the world from the dawn of mankind while they deployed their heinous deception. It has even been discussed in the Bible of all places.

To Begin your journey, let me recommend you go to this web portal, The American States Assemblies, and watch the videos you find there. You will receive more website links to Anna’s work later in this Study Up program.

Returning Home

As you step off the ship of STATE and onto firm land and soil remember, irrespective of where you begin on this path, the picture you are trying to fill-in requires much clarification. What we have heard before is fraught with confusion, and that confusion will hang around for some time - months - as you slowly see the picture come clear. This is a marathon, not a sprint. What you are going to be studying is a restatement of the history of the world~! The true history. It will take a while to replace the old lies with the truths.

Pace yourself.

I will help you

You can turn to me to guide you along this path until you are well on your way. You will either choose to master the knowledge or you will not. That is up to you.

This is a Master Class study course - already written - and is being expanded weekly by Anna Maria Von Riezinger upon her 4 decades of personal experience and extensive research. With the help of hundreds of experts from around the world the discovery continues to unfold. NOW is an historical time, an exceptional journey.

Begin by listening to her Monday night calls.
Monday 8pm Central Time [5 pm Alaska] Please click the link below to join the Webinar:
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Continue by listening to hear past calls here:
*Anna’s VIDEOS (dissertations) Listed:
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*Read about the Historical Precedents in her papers.
Papering Up

This is the process Anna created after decades of work. She has marked the path we now follow. It is a two part process. The short Paper Up process can be done in a week or two. The longer process we call the 928s is a longer process. Or you can choose to do all the papers in one package.

If you wish to study and master this truth, I am offering to assist you. You will learn where the keys are kept and if this appeals to your sense of truth and harmony you can do the same for others you meet. People everywhere are excited to regain their freedoms.

Maybe you have already begun that process.

The short Paper-Up process is only a quick beginning. It allows you to select if you want to be a State Citizen or a State National. I offer to give you the websites that assist you to locate your State Coordinator and a State Recorder to witness and Record your Declarations and Testimonies. You will join your State Assembly, attend weekly conference meetings and apply for a State Credentials Card. Some call this coming out of Babylon but it is not the full body armor. That comes next.

I recommend you do all the papers - that means the short Paper-Up process documents PLUS the larger 928 package of documents. You can do these all in one bundle.

You will ultimately mail them off to your State Recorder to be Sealed and Recorded - after which they will be returned to you to scan into your computer.

How To Use Your Paperwork
What Are The States and Why Do We Need to Assemble Them?
Here is a Discourse by Anna that sets the tone for what is at stake~!
2-23-20 #54* GET YOUR STATUS Corrected - DECLARE who you ARE LXT0ZLv2odF8lsDJh
Tell the Corporate Governments who THEY ARE~! Get your butt in gear. It is time to get OUR government back up and running. What is missing~? YOU~!
The Journey Continues

This is the beginning of your journey leading across the distant horizon into lands of wonder so profound you will want to take notes. This cannot be stressed enough. After you have Papered Up you will continue studying as Anna pulls back the curtain of OZ.

To be secure in your new armour - after declaring your standing on the land and soil in original jurisdiction - you must master the basis for this new identity as an American.

But you do not go it alone. As you study you will meet new friends in the Assembly and others in your community. Bring them back to the land and soil and they will join the Assembly too.

We are on the journey together. This is our family and we love freedom.

Study Up

You now stand at the door to that Master Class where the study curriculum begins. I call this the PURPLE pill. The RED pill was a romantic movie that awoke millions around the world. But the next awakening goes much deeper into more distant and obscured truths of a reality that heretofore only the darkness manipulated to enslave us.

By reading Anna, we soon understand all the machinations of fraud and crimes “they” did and continue to do to this day. It exceeds the capacity of anyone to grasp on first awakening. That is why taking the RED pill was only the beginning. Now you take the PURPLE pill. But be encouraged. Thousands of people are now flooding into their State Assemblies just like you.

Everything offered to you here is underpinned by continual learning. As you learn more your STATE programming will fade. Over time the fuzzy understanding will clarify. But this can take time - not weeks - maybe many months. Only mastering the knowledge base will actually give you the ability to protect yourself.

As you reach each milestone look for ways to participate in your Assembly, join the General, Business and Jural Assemblies, become a Juror, offer to serve as a Justice, a County Sheriff, a Continental Marshal, a Bail Bondsman, participate in the Militia, etc.

You will learn about the 3 Constitutions, not one~! There are many sorts of states - various kinds of citizens too. Are you a citizen of the UNITED STATES~? or the United States of America~? or The United States of America~?

Will you become a State National or a State Citizen~?

You will learn what that means before you choose. You have the choice to participate in running the government of your State. Remember, this is self-government. We ARE the government - not the senators and representatives in Washington DC. They are corporate board members making corporate policy decisions. Their laws, regulations and codes do not apply to us - once we correct our status.

Here is a quick view of how the Study Guide begins:
  1. Read All Anna’s Writings
  2. Listen to All Anna’s lectures with Teri
  3. Attend your State Assembly meetings
  4. Attend all Seminars/Trainings offered by Anna or your Assembly as available
  1. Jural Assembly Handbook
  2. Constitutional Enforcement Handbook
  3. Coordinators’ Handbook
  4. You Know Something is Wrong When......
  1. Declaration of Independence
  2. Articles of Confederation
  3. The Northwest Ordinance
  4. Constitution for the United States of America
  5. Paris Peace Treaty of 1783
  1. Preamble to the Constitution
  2. Bill of Rights 1791
  3. Articles 10 & 11
  4. Ten Commandments - The Geneva Bible of 1599

Armor Up

You will travel across far distant lands so bizarre - so incomprehensible - you are cautioned: this is a journey into realms of reality that will feel disorienting. Do not be afraid. You are embarking on an historical journey. Many others await you.
If you have questions please feel free to contact me by email.
Always sign your full name so I know who you are.
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Welcome home to the land and soil.

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