Imagine The Outrage

By: James Allen Homyak©
      Drafted into publication June 16, 2022


You might be one who works on themself every day to stay healthy. Some of you may be or have known people like the man I am writing about in this growing story.

This is especially for those of you who have frequent lab results that put your mind at ease - nearly always. Negative lab tests are a great thing.

You might be one who has little need for expensive pharmaceutical treatments; very little other work needed aside from your routine care and your general dentistry. Aside from eating, sleeping, eliminating and so forth -- you know, the standard stuff in a healthy household where dirt and mess can really build your immune system. Don't laugh it's true.

Now add to that, this man did years of dilligent self-study and had personal testimonials for the many forms of all-natural and prudent ways to stay healthy...  and ways to force "disease" to simply bounce off because of strong natural immunity after eating organic and grass-fed meat and organic vegetables.

FACT CHECKER - Is that even possible? Such information may violate community standards.

Now, for this poor man, as of late:

A middle-aged man died from things that had built up in his body (who's body?) only to be labeled as:

Patient deceased, massive heart failure.

As for the family, other realities began coming to the surface as the man's people tried in vain to get clarity from the situtation. Things going on with the man became a growing list of stories that sounded like a series of chain reactions were in play. "High fluid buildup. His system couldn't sustain it. His BP was over the top. Sadly he couldn't be resusitated, etc. Very sorry. When the final Hospital Resident came out, with last blood work readings which had shown high levels to indicate his kidneys had failed. As they urged to see more test results it became a medical records issue for the deceased, etc. Cause for such results as high creatinine, high potassium, high sodium, high calcium were set aside because the man's heart failed. They were more interested in tests to deem a cause with the heart.


Imagine the Outrage!

Before his passing, the man had been turned down for getting a surgery that would have been expected to help the man to reduce or eliminate his time consuming repeat permanent care session. That alone could have helped him get to dealing with his disabilty and so forth. That could be great, right?


Imagine the Outrage!

Now I believe he died due to some hospital regulation, brought about by some polititians, some health advisers, some corporations, etc. as it was immediately determined that as a prerequisit treatment before surgery the man would have to undergo (turns out it's experimental genetic therapy) to prevent something from happening with a less than 8% likelihood.  The man did his math and declined getting a shot. Because it went into the man's record, it was established that he wouldn't receive his organ. No point being on their wait list, right?

Imagine the Outrage!

That "something" turned out to be SOME THING SO DEADLY (like a very strong pneumonia which can be deadly but can also be treated and resolved by early treatment protocol) that he would need a series of at least one or the other of (pick your poison) vendors's formulations granted an EUA due to a created pandmemic - oh turn on the fact checking again!


Imagine the Outrage!


As of May 29, 2022, over 526 million (7.51% of global population) had insider-confirmed cases and over six million deaths have been reported globally from the insiders. This thing has apparently been deadly to over 6,000,000 people, a mere 0.09% of our planetary population. Less than one tenth of one percent!  I mean really? I mean inject them?  For what?  Spelled backwards, this thing has some scarry meaning. Spelled either way, it had to have come from some much older plans.

Sad to see a man here who had endured so much, because of a controlled and created threat, to so few, but huge profit for so many, foreign people, who aren't even American!  What?  Yes, they're foreign.


Imagine the Outrage!

He lost his life before even getting a chance to try his new SOT. Instead his contrived heart issues and lack of agreement to partake in "New York's finest" or "Massachusetts' top shelf" to leave him with a rather tiny vaccine history got him denied. Denied for who, you ask?  Denied for them. It's all about them. They denied themselves.  Denied themselves what? Payouts?  They have to "perfect their exit" from your thing they created that you've stood-in for.


Imagine the Outrage!

That thing is the "ALL CAPS NAME" that they make up using the like characters given by your mother. She gives them the name, Henry William (a monster is made when names are joined). That is the bouncing baby boy who grows up to be old enough the comprehend the words,  Henry!   Henry William!  Those are his homosapien roots.  Eventually "I am Henry William Moore, that's who I is."  You are, to your family and friends, dear Henry. But to the corporations, you have to also be one of those likenesses to do this thing called commerce with them, Henry.


Imagine the Outrage!

In commerce the names have changed to protect the lords. Henry, to them you are HENRY WILLIAM MOORE and can you spot the difference?  It's a commercialism that requires your participation with LEGAL people using LEGAL names under the dominion of LEGAL SYSTEMS which are patented, coyrighted and trademarked. The Pope and Queen and Lords don't want to pay back what is owed to us. So there sits trillions of our dollars in gold and valuables, sealed away in vaults.


Imagine the Outrage!

Today, we the people are getting the following cascade of name changes thrown at us since a very early age.

Noteably since age 16 just before our beginning to drive use an automobile to drive to work travel from point a to point b.

Have you ever noticed that name change? Do you let it slide after hearing the plethora of excuses?

We start our lives with our given name. Then we inherit the family name along with it. We humanize ourselves once we join the two parts of the name.  (given) + (inherited)  that is where color of man pours in. It's humanism to be so human. Color (hue) of man. A visible creation does not control an invisible creator.


Imagine the Outrage!

Illustration of these noted name style variations, and why:

John Doe, John Mark Doe, John M. Doe, John M Doe, J Doe, and the like which are our given and inherited family names.

In coming into working age, the name is changed in style with companies and governments


I've since discovered the meaning of all of this legal fiction.


Imagine the Outrage!

The underpinnings are:

  • Non Profit (eg. Church)
  • Domestic (corporate municipal enclaves of government people)
  • Foreign (not a part of this land, geographically or politically)

Out of the five to seven identified American citizenship classes, it is possible to see which one of the three classes of "CITIZEN" and of the four classes of "everyone else" are which based on the way the name is addressed in mailings from such entities which are Foreign, Domestic or Non-Profit.


Imagine the Outrage!

As author of this content, I am Jim Homyak for a nick name and James Allen of the Homyak family for my homosapien name. Those are my private American birthright given+inherited names. Nobody altered them to our knowledge. Want a bet? Oh, did they ever. They change my name to six other variations, at least, without a name change on record anywhere.  I didn't even include all the "Lastname, First name" varables.


Imagine the Outrage!


Jim Homyak (at least a living man, definitely not a confessed U.S. Citizen) (a foreigner to D.C.)

James Homyak (a declared non-citizen state national who doesn't serve that government)(a creditor)

James Allen Homyak (a state beneficiary who is owed money, but who is not their registered voter)

James A. Homyak (a state-created domestic transmitting utility debtor, serving government as trustee)

JAMES HOMYAK (U.S. CITIZEN) (PUBLIC PERSON) (COMMERCIAL ENTITY) (OWED MONEY) (a trustee but also a not-for-profit one)

JAMES A. HOMYAK (a PUBLIC domestic transmitting utility debtor, legal fiction, expected to pay a debt twice or more) (a trustee)(a estate, managed by a STATE, concocted in a ALL CAPS likeness to this name)

JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK (a fictional public instrumentality created for government to leverage as a private asset and owed the return of assets to each actual donor as a part of the new deal) (a trustee)(a probate trust in this name, proceeds from a bond fund in the market are owed plus damages for theft of identity)

Here we are trying to buy a house and we don't even realize the bank paperwork is trying to cover up the mischief of states by getting your paperwork all filled out with several of the various name styles (we don't even notice as we whisk through the stack in second flat) and then getting you to "Sign" a one in the same agreement. New read this.  WHAT!!!!!!?????.  But those 17 styles to my name are not one in the same. I am me.  Who is banging the buck to stand me up under all the false pretenses?  So much so that the Bank Attorney accuses me of fraud so bad that the Judge would love to hear it. But hear me call Bank Fraud for what it is?  Good luck on that.


Imagine the Outrage!

Now, this whole mess that the man above went though makes me wonder and if people would even bother to read this information that I am thinking of inputting below.

Imagine the Outrage!

What organ?

Turns out it was his kidney function (that alone!) that he wanted restored. He was never having any heart problems. His family member went on to say that just wasn't in his make up. He had been hospitalized and that place even had him nearly placed on meds and the vent. But he rejected that so they changed their tone with him to one who wasn't going to drink their Kool-Aid.   He knew it was his pneumonia that flared up again. I could have asked questions for days!  He was not about to permit them to enter any Z28.x ICD-10 Codes  updates into his Medical Record either. If fact them so doing will trigger Privacy Act of 1974 violations and HIPPA violations and other false claims in commerce charges with damages tolling. 


Imagine the Outrage!

What medication did the man reject in the Hospital after they tested him positive for that thing? 

Remdesivir (that alone!) is what they would give the man instantly if he had ever contracted a serious case of this thing (that won't kill 210,000,000 people because it goes away if you take care of yourself and stay out of the hospitals). The D-dimer test would show if the man had elevated clotting. Did they run that test on him and tell his family? Doubtful!  Did they check his vitamin D levels?  Are you kidding!

Imagine the Outrage!

What shot? The two richest most prominent vendors funded into existence by "this and other acting governments"

Imagine the Outrage!

Why stop him from getting his kidney? 

Oh, he needed experimental stuff injected into his veins (a product only on stage because of experimental treatment emergency use authorization) and he needed more stuff injected to make his body not reject his "new part" and to actually stop his immune system medically. (oh, Gee... "We scientists, let's see how we can suppress someone's natural immune system?") Turns out this "anti-rejection drug" thing had come on stage under much the same pharmaceutical/industrial process does things many decades ago.

Imagine the Outrage!

Upon further examination, why have the medical business people gotten so well "legally" protected and "financially" protected that they are automatically not at fault and fully exonerated by lawyers/judges/insurance companies when the new injection could not possibly be the cause of the man's death?  Fact Checkers?

Imagine the Outrage!

So when I get started on outrageous things being done to people, I start my research gears turning. I invest my time. I come up with this list from over 18 months time. I did it and will do it all in peace, because I am peaceful.  I will not become violent within my outrage, like these corporatized government entities do to people around this planet by blowing in their doors and jamming big intimidating guns in their faces.


Imagine the Outrage!


more "legal fiction" coming soon


Outrage Imagined

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[,,] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.  (see it to believe it)


People need to go and get informed for a change. Not from the evening news.



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Globally, the number of new weekly cases has continued to decline since a peak in January 2022. During the week of 23 until 29 May 2022, over 3.3 million cases were reported, an 11% decrease as compared to the previous week.

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As of 29 May 2022, over 526 million confirmed cases and over six million deaths have been reported globally.


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