by: James Homyak©, retired, not for profit, and outside commerce, without prejudice

Sometimes the email inbox blows up with misdirected content. I have to refrain from slamming it all into the trash bin, as most folks just go and do.

I take up rebuttal as needed. 

So today, I blasted two quick reviews into Trustpilot to review two parties. Will they party? 

Will I survive the pending review before my reviews get put there for all to see?

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Click to see reviews on Trustpilot (or so I hope) cited here for fair use only, education and entertainment (Trade names and copyrights belong to their respective owners)


Enjoy learning how to compartmentalize your commerce, take you selves outside it.  What do you need? An act of Congress?   How about your new state congress?   

Dig in folks! Life has been an unruly state of affairs since before most of us were born. 

We can look up lots of words. We can use popular search engines, compare results between them and we can use books we own or libraries anywhere.

Words are colorable, depending on who holds the art supplies.

We have words to play with:  person, individual, resident, customer, voter, citizen, patient, and so forth. But it's the resident and person words that really hang us. 


A res-i-dent means a thing identified when we deduce it all down.  What are we?  I can assure you we are not A THING IDENTIFIED until we become some thing.