Dear Occupant of our Public Offices

By: James Allen Homyak

March 13, 2023, near the Twin Cities

Dear Occupant of our Public Offices;

Your public officials have not been honest with the people, rather you have all grown complicit in enforcing huge changes administratively and legally beneath the manner in which you are operating. Your office is now a different establishment than when we were children. Yet we have never been told directly that some things have changed or will be changing. Through this writing, I bring to your attention that I expect to have you investigate these matters presented here as we can discuss during our future dialog.

As an American, I have realized, and it is important to reiterate, that while growing up during the 1960's and 70's, we were taught of our national American sovereignty during our early years in public education. According to what I know now, you are all in serious trouble, by committing fraud or treason.

Matter #1 -- Our lower officers are stealing from people and/or murdering people directly and/or indirectly over time. Sheriffs, Police, Attorneys, Judges, Legislatures, Congress and Doctors all included.

Matter #2 -- American sovereignty has been erased administratively, converting the people into things owned, to the extent that we stand-in for our identities that got converted into commerce vessels.

Matter #3 -- Your Courts can no longer purport themselves as Article 3 Courts as established constitutionally, instead being controlled by foreigners and running debt collections in receivership.

Matter #4 -- The law that guides your establishment has been altered by lawyers in state/national congresses to the extent we are brought inside of something that has converted us all into owned beings.

Matter #5 -- A large group of eyewitnesses have discovered magnitudes of corruption in the Courts where natural people are targeted as owned slaves owing some kind of duty to this government.

Matter #6 -- It appears that rather than honoring your oaths of office, you've been steamrollered too to the point where you all appear to be going along to getting along upon great salaries and benefits.

Some years ago, I wrote to various public officials who have never once wrote back to me. Rather than to address the matters I brought to them, they simply faded away or seem to have vanished without a trace. Nothing changed regarding what I had wrote. Matters have gotten progressively worse ever since.

We were given an educational background while surrounded by teaching resources in our schools, in our libraries, in our local community centers and everywhere -- as we sought to establish our lives inside of our sovereignty. Many of us young people were intrigued by our opportunities to delve in as deeply into the study of our history in law and government as we would have so desired. I was not one who did very much of that after the 4th grade growing up near Shakopee, Minnesota where I was born. Years had passed as we navigated the system as it was imparted to us by our parents, grandparents, peers and the other families we grew up knowing. We spent years voting people in to your related offices.

Yet today and in recent memory spanning from approximately 2007 through 2023, we have discovered, that without being told through any public dialog whatsoever, that we are now running a different country, and in many ways slavery. Some extremely important changes have been cast over us; this job is yours to see to it that we are served in good faith and honesty by all of our public officials.

Attached to this letter, I will supply you with a copy of letters I had sent to former Minnesota Senator Franken and former United States President Obama. I am also now seeing to it that all of my written communications are directed to all public officials whose offices may attempt to govern me and wave a dominant top-down false flag over my citizenship standings. I have opened an investigation and your job is at stake. Returning to the land and soil jurisdiction, I see a lot of work to now take charge of.


                                                                                    a Minnesotan, James-Allen: Homyak


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