Estate Planning - My Quest For Answers - 2023

by: James Allen Homyak

During 2019 a middle-aged Montanan man, (one who actually stopped regarding himself a U.S. Citizen years ago) born at Minnesota, to North Dakotan parents, had developed renal failure while visiting friends and vacationing at Wyoming near Yellowstone Park.

He traveled to Minnesota for the 2019's December/January holidays to visit and stay with family and friends. He subsequently became terribly ill and had to be taken to the E.R. He then progressed to having his heart stop completely on three different occasions while at three different hospitals. He had to be "life-flighted" to a larger more equipped hospital where care teams were successfully able to stabilize him. He now is living a more productive life once again aside from 15 hours of dialysis every 7 days.

However and nearly too late, these "life and death close calls" of his have prompted him to delve into lifestyle administrative affairs which he hasn't been taking care of as yet.  One of those topics is Estate Planning and his quest for answers.

During the early part of 2023, after working very diligently to achieve his best health possible considering he is in complete renal failure and a forever dialysis recipient, he decided to look for a local law firm to take up the task of Estate Planning. 

One such firm sent him "Information Collection Forms" to supply the names, etc. for various people who need to be brought in to participate in an Estate Plan that will need to take place as soon as possible.

While reading the forms, and reviewing the details spelled out, it became increasingly frustrating to see all sorts of terminology that should be comprehended before committing any other people into the process by naming them in such matters.  

Another large part of this man's life has been spent researching topics related to Citizenship, Commerce, the Legal System, social and civic affairs, Government establishments, American History and United States History.  He has as large a personal e-library as anyone I've ever known. He has studied so much, that it seems he's even forgotten more than he actually knows in his top-of-mind categories.

This essay is going to ask you a whole bunch of his same questions.

In addressing matters of Estate and Probate it seems we are taken into a foray of "civilly dead legal person" language, so much so that I have to agree -- we need a Glossary of Terms. We also need training and education of the motives behind our American "System" that forms the basis for finance, legalism, property and family planning matters in order for We The People to navigate the edifice and their choices set before us. Imagine how expensive this would be if you were billed your standard Attorney rates to teach you. Most people trust what they're told and they take all the default positions. 

Glossary of Terms

Note: Which version of which Legal Dictionary should be referenced to be current and valid? How far back into the past history of Legal Dictionary Revisions can the version you use be enforced in present day matters? Do I have to base my affairs on a particular version?

This next list of 34 items are transcribed from the Attorney supplied "Information Collection Forms" but because none of the terms are defined, we can conclude that LEGAL DETERMINATIONS must be made prior to just assuming what or who is being defined. Remember:  Who? What? Why? Where? When? How?  In order to protect yourself, you must know, define and apply your definition whenever you are intending "to be clear" in your documents.  Note that so many terms are supplied as both normal nouns as well as CAPITALIZED nouns. We think the capitalization is used to denote PERSON / TRUST / ENTITY of some sort, albeit not natural people.

  1. Estate / ESTATE
  3. Fiduciary / FIDUCIARY
  5. Middle Initials / M.I. / MIDDLE INITIAL
  6. Successor / SUCCESSOR
  7. Successor Trustee / SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE
  8. Trust / TRUST
  9. Living Trust / LIVING TRUST
  10. Revocable Living Trust
  11. Address / ADDRESS
  12. Client / CLIENT

Note: Do these mean would-be clients of the attorney where the Estate Plan becomes an Attorney/Client legal matter?

  1. Person / PERSON
    1. Natural or Artificial?
    2. PERSON/Person/person can also mean "a Corporation" or "a Trust" or "a Partnership" or an "Individual Entity" which are not natural people, but are fictional constructs in law.
  2. Probate / PROBATE (Have to ask: Why? How? When? Where? )
  4. Attorney / ATTORNEY
  5. Attorney-in-Fact / ATTORNEY IN FACT
  6. Power of Attorney
  7. Authority

Note: Regarding myself rising up to the level of Author -- not turning to nor relying upon the governance of external entities and not being an "internal" to some entity bearing a LEGAL NAME

  1. Incapacitated
    Note: Pending a Medical Power Of Attorney held by his private family members
  2. Health Care Agent / HEALTH CARE AGENT
  3. Choices / CHOICES
  10. You / YOU
    Note: The word "you" can easily be construed as a plural, and in that sense what is the plurality consisting of? Me and my persons and/or my team?

Note: Birthday vs. Born on date - there is a difference

  1. U.S. CITIZEN / U.S. Citizen
    Note: It would be interesting to determine which kind of "citizen" your Estate Planning Attorney claims to be, and proves to be.
  2. HOME ADDRESS / Home Address

Note: What is the difference between ALL CAPS addresses and Proper Name addresses?

Example 1 (this is a CORPORATE ENTITY IN ALL CAPS, as addressed by The US POSTAL SERVICE to be treated as though it is inside of Commerce):


Example 2 (this is how the man would write it himself, had he been aware of who he is outside of Commerce)

Jared Paul Kushner
1234 Any Road, Apartment 5
Sometown, State 
Postal Code 45678


  1. Post Marital Agreement?

Note: Be sure to have everything in writing.

This man, who inspired me to write today, is not easily confused... however he is also not one to just "willy-nilly" accept "colorable words" at face value -- as these above listed "words of art" get twisted and fashioned into shape for various matters at various times, as if these words are moving goal posts, etc. meant to confuse and intimidate.  Rather than writing LEGAL or Common English Definitions into this Essay, I will leave it up to my readers to do their own due diligence.

With an active imagination, he also has so many other thoughts racing through his mind and even going so far as to ask: What really happened the day he was born? He knows that his Dad was not able to be at the location where he was born. So he does not know for sure what process his Mom had taken to authenticate and validate her new baby boy, nor what she may have done to claim her baby. From his recollection, his mother never actually had taken herself and baby down to any official people to claim that she is taking baby home to her American location to raise her child. Did she leave afterbirth and/or biologic matter in the hands of others? Did the people helping her have her baby do anything with the biologic material aside from disposing it properly? Was there an undisclosed abandonment claim made regarding such biologic property? Why even ask?  Who established Probate? An Estate? Why? For what purpose? Does someone win or does someone lose? What is to gain? What is really going on?  This whole thing reeks of having a proverbial monkey on his back. He calls it a racket.

This whole topic of Estate Planning should be something each of us get in control of regarding State Influence. Additional questions include:

  1. After-Birth - what happens to this biologic matter once a child is born?
  2. LEGAL vs. LAWFUL?
  3. Minnesotan vs. American vs. U.S. CITIZEN?
  7. JOHN MICHAEL DOE  (some thing's FULL legal name) (A LEGAL U.S. RESIDENT)

Note: Is that a full LEGAL NAME or is it the name of some THING IDENTIFIED?

  1. Who / What / Why / Where / When / How is it that a middle initial became forced upon everyone in America? It never used to be that way.
  2. BAR - is that an acronym? What is the definition?  (Some researchers and writers stress that it means British Accreditation Registry.)
  3. How does a man protect his private property which includes everything he owns plus his two private automobiles from "State Claims" or impoundment actions?

When speaking of ESTATE are we talking about natural and physical things one man or woman can own or are we talking about Artificial Constructs which exist only in mind or on paper?

Are we to invoke Common Law, Public Law, Legislative Fiat or a combination of these?

Will you (or I or He) be forced into standing as "a Statutory Person" or "a Statutory Citizen" in order to achieve an actionable and enforceable Estate Plan?  Why not just call it what it is? The Lawful Directives Regarding Your Belongings and Obligations Upon Your Death


Why not JUST TELL YOU that some entity wants to claim itself as beneficiary to everything you've got if you happen to forget to make your Probate Avoidance Plan go into effect for yourself before you die?

Ask yourself:  Why and How and When and for whose benefit am I to make a WILL for myself and to do it properly so that my belongings pass down as I wish rather than having MY ESTATE turn into a long drawn-out process which can turn into arguments, debates and expensive court proceedings?

Is there a "default position" one would be taken through if one fails to take up authorship of ones claims and declarations?  What are Claims?  What are Declarations?  You must determine the answers to all these questions. Are you a Declarant or are you an Affiant?

Yes. there is a default position. It turns out that We Americans get presupposed into a whole host of various default positions which are purported to be enforced upon us without there really ever being any training, education or basic conversations -- never that I can remember.  I had to dig myself in to all of this to try getting up to speed with things this man was telling me to write this essay.

Many more questions arise.  You are best advised to get acquainted with your own private application of these words, otherwise if you fail at this, you too will have certain public default standings presumed upon you.

  1. What is meant by the words Public and Private?
  2. What is the purview of Attorney/Client matters? What prerogatives should you take note of?
  3. What about the Maxim of Law which states: Let him who is deceived be deceived.
  4. What is actually taking place when you see at least eight variations to your name in ALL CAPS?
    1. JOHN MICHAEL DOE (is this foreign?)(the Creditor?)(the Bank?)(Federal?)
    2. JOHN M DOE (is this domestic?)(the Debtor?)(the Taxpayer?)(State?)
    3. JOHN M. DOE
    4. JOHN DOE (is this ecclesiastic?)(the Soul?)(Church?)
    5. DOE, JOHN (is this a Land Claimant?)
    6. DOE, JOHN M (is this just some fancy clerical sorting by LAST NAME?)
    7. DOE, JOHN M. (the guy who thinks he's a homeowner but really isn't?)
    8. DOE, JOHN MICHAEL (Land or Automobiles?)
  5. Are these Foreign, or Domestic, or Non-Profit Entities? Are these Artificial Persons, Juristic or Statutory Persons? Are these 14th Amendment Creations of a "run amok" Federal Sub-Contractor? Is there an owner of these interposed or alleged or purported persons? Why are there at least six to eight variations depending upon who or what entity is presenting these variations in print? What does this have to do with your Probate and Estate? You had better find out, because word has it that thieves have stolen the American people's identities and taken them through undisclosed conversions due to various man-made circumstances occurring long before recent history. What is a Federal Sub-Contractor? That's easy: An entity created by an Entity that went on to create at least 50 inchoate sub-entities such as STATE OF MONTANA.
  6. What is a FIRST NAME? (a commerce term)
  7. What is a MIDDLE NAME? (a commerce term)
  8. What is a LAST NAME? (a commerce term)
  9. Contrast these ALL CAPS NAMES with your Given Name -- using the example "John Michael" is what Mom and Dad named their new son. Doe is the family name which John Michael inherits, so it is not actually part of his given name. The entire "John Michael Doe" all strung together equates to a kind of bastardizing or the making of a monster or a "Nom de guerre" which is the same thing as making a man-made new THING IDENTIFIED as an artificial construct. 
  10. Ask yourself: Are you a man or woman who owns yourself or are you a THING IDENTIFIED who gets to be claimed as "a Citizen" by some government agency? One in which "the Agency" automatically assumes that you must be one who is a consenting adult -- otherwise a willful subject of all codes, statutes, legislation, etc.
  11. Are you a RESIDENT? What is a RESIDENT? This is another colorable word of art. A RES means a "thing" and an IDENT means "identified" and a "PRESIDENT" is the principal agent of a Corporation. So by allowing yourself to be regarded as a RESIDENT/Resident/resident it would appear that you've actually acquiesced to a "tacit procuration" meaning some STATE OF STATE has taken over YOU/You/you in ways that will make your head spin and your bank accounts drain.
  12. What does the Crown have to do with any of this? i.e. The British Crown?
  13. Is the ALL CAPS NAMED foreign PERSON held as a resident of "The District" namely Washington D.C.?
  14. Who or what is ultimately the creditor? What is a Creditor? What is a Debtor? Are two PERSONS named to equally set-off claims, as in double-entry accounting ledgers?
  15. Is there a beneficial owner? Who gets to determine who is the owner? Who is the Trustee? Who is the Executor? Who is the Administrator? Who is the Beneficiary? Who is the Donor?
  16. Are these above entitled PERSONS/Persons/Persons either natural or artificial? Are these constructs denoted as COMMERCE VESSELS in public servant LEGAL CAPACITY in order to be LEGALLY COMPATIBLE with any or all of the "Corporations of Government"? This man has enough research to choke a horse -- which gives he and I both a definitive Yes to the Vessels (sea faring) question! Our previous American "Woodrow Wilson Administration" acted in collusion with International Bankers (namely Colonel Edward Mandel House) to put into effect a system of pledging and a method of chargeback to "help earn" the bankers various financial and land asset gains that would exceed their wildest expectations.
  17. What are Estates for? Are Estates foreign, domestic, public or private? Why have an Estate when those are far fancier words than simple everyday language such as "things I expect to pass down to my heirs"?
  18. Why is it, that all of a sudden during the "Barack H. Obama Administration" era, that we Americans suddenly all got our names put back to us with a Middle Initial? (e.g. SUSAN B. ANTHONY) What is really going on? Was this because the American establishment was entering bankruptcy again or was it because "We The People" had to re-emerge from a Banker-controlled demolition -- as different PERSONS identified? How did THEY/They do away with the old? Was this so the fiat currency charade could be continued? What does this have to do with Estate or Probate? I would submit to you that it has  everything to do with Estate and Probate and their Claims presumed upon you. There is a tremendous volume of information coming through "in the unsaid" which is ultimately left up to you to get informed and make appropriate decisions.
  19. Who, ultimately, are these Artificial Constructs for?  A couple of well-known groups seem to be waring for the dominion over you, and everything about you.   (Namely the Vatican / Pope / Holy Roman Empire and the United Kingdom's City of London and its Barristers)
  20. Can a U.S. Citizen actually own land in allodium or is he/she simply nothing more than a tenant?
  21. Why would you pay (be levied) a property tax (tribute) if you actually owned a property? We see that whenever you've accepted mail to your ADDRESS in completely ALL CAP LETTERS using a MN 55406 ZIP CODE, ad nauseum, that your CORPORATE SELF is in play Administratively. But you have no clue!
  22. Are these NAMES or Properties yours to own and control and fashion, or has some other THING taken them from you? By design? Planned long ago? 
  23. Were you a Donor of your Name?  Are you a supporter or a victim?
  24. How much can be told to you in the rushed moment of giving your baby its name?
  25. Why does your baby have to get itself a Social Security Number when it's got at least of couple of decades to grow up before even being qualified to be an Federal Person?
  26. How does this innocent child get contrived into an "artificially and mischievously created American U.S. Citizenship" when it, as a newborn, can't even put words together yet?
  27. How does a baby become responsible for decades and centuries old "war debts" when the American Government had its wherewithal to completed discharge said odious debts by at least 1941?
  28. In order for you to effectively "take control" of your various administrative functions in life, do you need to have several kinds of Attorneys at every step of the way, in order to distance and protect yourself from all the CORPORATIZATION that we see forced upon us daily?
  29. Given Name vs. Inherited Name vs. LEGAL NAME?
  30. What is a LEGAL NAME and why should we chase after this topic? Who gains? Who loses? What is at stake? Why have THEY/They/they done this to us? Why have a LEGAL NAME when at no time in your 20+ years of public education have you ever been fully informed of what in the heck is going on? Again: Who gains? Who benefits? Who loses? What can be lost? Who can be on the take without you even realizing you're being taken from? What can you protect? Why protect anything? Why even care?  Who cares? Who doesn't care? Why don't THEY/They/they care?
  31. What about your freedom? What about a Constitutional Republic and your role inside or outside the consent of the governed? Can you put a monetary value on any of this?
  32. What about The Organic Law For The United States of America -- which contains four components:
    1. The Declaration of Independence - July 4, 1776
    2. The Articles of Confederation - November 15, 1777
    3. The Northwest Ordinance - July 13, 1787
    4. The Constitution for the united States of America - September 17, 1787
  33. Is this all about Debt? Is it about Debt service? Indebtedness to whom or what?
  34. Is this all about Bankruptcy of the American Financial System, at the hands of International thug/creep/criminal cartels which played a large role in the overthrow of the American society during the years between 1826 and 1877? Evidence suggests the entire American confederacy was deliberately destroyed via commercial mercenaries which stood to secretly replace the Republic with an International banking/finance conglomerate bent on global dominion.
  35. Again: What does this have to do with Estate and Probate? Everything!  Why would you want to continue to be a subject of the shocking discovery brought to your attention in this essay? I sure wouldn't.

Another thing this man did was he went to the Estate Planning Law Firm which had agreed to send him their "Information Collection Forms" and he asked one seasoned Attorney a set of very pointed questions.

Saying point blank to the Attorney, that he does not consent to being governed by any State Agency, he asked the following simple yet detailed questions:

  1. Who / Why / Why / Where / When / How is there ever a Probate or Estate in the first place?
  2. Is this about bankruptcy? Is this about Debt? Is this about Capital? Is this about land held in allodium? Is this a matter for more than one kind of Attorney to address?
  3. How do I even make the necessary LEGAL DETERMINATION(s) before writing various information onto these Estate Planning Information Collection Forms?
  4. Who am I? Am I a man or am I some kind of thing? Who owns my "things" which I can see there are plural things being addressed in the mail, etc.?
  5. Am I a Donor, or a Beneficiary, or a Trustee, or am I presupposed into some role that hasn't even been disclosed to me?
  6. Why did the STATE take my Given Name and turn it into SOME THING where all the NAMES are changed to having the CAPS LOCK turned on?
  7. By what process was I apparently deemed to be "a Ward of The State" when I can never remember ever being trained to stop being a Ward of The State? Isn't a Ward another fancy term having multiple meanings?
  8. I am a retired man. What are the extents of the meaning and purpose for retirement?
  9. Does the fact that I want to make my Estate Plan mean that I am automatically assumed to be a voluntary transactor in commerce? Am I conducting a commercial undertaking by doing an Estate/Probate plan on paper?
  10. STATE OF MINNESOTA is printed on the BIRTH CERTIFIATE and what does that mean? Is this an Entity or Agency or Corporation or Trust or de jure or de facto? A Ceste-Que-Via Trust?
  11. What interest does this entity have in me and my life and things I own?
  12. How do I completely override being governed by an entity that is below me?
  13. Who is in command? The People who create a Government? Or the Government that got created by The People?
  14. How do I get recognized as a Self-governing Minnesotan?
  15. Do I get a differently styled name from these folks? And why? Who loses? Who gains? What is ultimately at stake? Is this about Debt or Bankruptcy? Is this about hiding behind a veil? Who's veil? How much should I budget for across my entire life to have a team of Legal People in all these matters of being a man, being born in America, having a lifestyle that wants to pursue happiness and freedom?
  16. What is a VITAL RECORD? Vital to who? Why? Is this done in order to determine how many people are needed to form representative government?  Are there other hidden or occulted purposes?
  17. What ulterior motives exist to have PROBATE / ESTATE and where did all of this talk originate? Was this topic European or German or Judean or from some Holy Roman Empire or some religious denomination? Is this topic Biblical or Ecclesiastic or Law Merchant?
  18. What is the Law Merchant?
  19. What discourse is deliberately not being taught to Americans?
  20. Undisclosed Procuration?
  21. False Claims in Commerce?
  22. Is there a fraud being committed to use LEGAL NAMES without having an Attorney be involved in whatever matter is at hand which seems to mandate use of a FULL LEGAL NAME?
  23. What is OFFICE OF STATE REGISTRAR all about? Again: Who/What/Why/Where/When/How
  24. Has a TRUST been established as evidenced by an ALL CAPS BIRTH CERTIFICATE?
  25. After an in depth study of Trust entities we can see several roles
    1. Donor
    2. Beneficiary
    3. Trustee
    4. Executor
    5. Administrator
    6. Advisor
  26. How to enforce myself and my heirs to be regarded as The Direct Beneficiary?
  27. How to avoid Probate altogether? Certainly by having a duly executed and notarized and witnessed WILL AND TESTAMENT -- so that you don't suffer the woes of intestacy.
  28. What is Testate vs. Intestate? You had better figure this out and govern yourselves accordingly.
  29. Was there a value of some sort (either debt or capital) placed upon my body as an infant child?
  30. Was I supposed to be pledged as an asset to prop up a fiat financial system? If so who is the claimant? How can such claimant enforce such claim? Is this some position I happen to find myself in by no fault of my own? What is my remedy?  Can I find my remedy in Regulation Z?
  31. Am I an undisclosed adhesion under the Maternity Act? How about the Buck Act? Is slavery not already illegal globally?
  32. Can I lawfully revoke my consent to being governed? How? Would I sidestep this entire essay by simply cancelling my voter registration? When I am not registered to vote, who can construe that I must be some sort of Internal Citizen Person?  (Hint: Internal Revenue Service aka IRS)
  33. What did I do to make myself compatible to UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE?
  34. Are regular private American People automatically a party to the UCC?
  35. Do the current Courts in America change roles or jurisdictions during Court Proceedings
    1. Administrative
    2. Civil
    3. Criminal
    4. Admiralty
    5. Maritime
    6. Ecclesiastic
  36. Should I be doing a UCC-1 Financing Statement about ME for me? (the CAPS ME being The Thing Identified which is owned by the natural me?)
  37. How about MOTOR VEHICLE CODE? Isn't that code applicable to some sort of Commercial Vehicle used in the Transport of Goods or Services or Passengers or Property Owned or Claimed by an Entity in the practice of Commerce? Acting For Hire?   Subject to Legislation (aka Color of Law) when conducting commercial transactions for economic gain and profit over the people's roadways? Aren't all of our roadways technically considered to be multi-jurisdictional?  Simple answer is yes. The detailed answer  is: "You or I may not be qualified to make such legal determinations and would be best suited to take these issues to a qualified Attorney.

In the short amount of time the Attorney gave this man to consult about these topics, the two of them barely got through a few questions before the Attorney stood up to say, "I am sorry I can't help you. I am not qualified to address these concerns. I am not sure who to send you to. I suggest you contact the Law Library Discussion Group Clinic (at a very well known local Law University) to inquire if they are taking up innovations in addressing these topics. I don't have names or contacts in the plethora of legal topics you present. However I do completely agree with you that this whole system is a mess, and the situation applies to everyone, as this is the system we find ourselves in. I wish you the best of luck and you are welcomed to let me know how it goes and what you might learn.  The meeting ended with only four questions answered.

            1. I don't regard the STATE OF MINNESOTA as running some kind of trust. Can't say. Not sure.

            2. Your questions you bring up are going to involve more areas that Estate and Probate.

            3. Establishing a proper Will & Testament, Estate Plan is the only means to sidestep Probate Court. 

            4. Today's Legal System is moving on all affairs under the U.S. Gov't bankruptcy/receivership.


What the man did next, immediately following this meeting, was to contact the recommended local University Law Library. Upon discussing this topic with the clinic representative, the man asked one question:   Does the Law Library Clinic have any discussions about what it means to be born as a birthright Minnesotan but then to have the infant child identity to be administratively construed as a U.S. Citizen yet having nothing enforced or established to declare that the child is first a Citizen of the State, but then why even need a dual or national citizenship contrived on top of that? 

This is a detailed tough question, and yes, expectedly he received a cold dry response:  "I am sorry but your topic does not qualify for any discussion past or future to be held in this law clinic. Perhaps you would contact the next nearest larger University Law Library to inquire there." 

The man went on to say, "What a terrible tragedy that nobody is apparently being taught that Minnesota, as a Republic Nation State, having its own Constitution and Bill of Rights, entered the Union on equal footing to all other union States, recognized Internationally as a Nation State, yet this topic gets no attention while countless people are pilfered via Estate and Probate practices, all while we're none the wiser and Attorneys act clueless and unwilling to take any tough questions that expose the racket taking place 24/7/365?"   Lastly is was commented that "These are interesting things you're saying but sorry, not here. Have a nice day."

The man also contacted the next biggest University. Had an identical experience -- basic stonewalling.

He was referred to a possible Immigration and Citizenship Firm.

He contacted that firm as well only to then learn that a gigantic influx of Mexican and southern border immigration has been taking virtually all available resources to help naturalize the massive influx of immigrants to become automatic U.S. Citizen PERSONS with no regard to a valuable State Citizenship.

What does all of this have to do with Estate and Probate? 

It has everything to do with it. After reading all 5,705 words in this Essay it is my hope that you are able to see and recognize that something dramatic is at stake when you drill down into all the legalese.

Now after reading this far, are you too beginning to see what you need to do? 

I see for me what I am going to do. Read on as follows:

  1. Thou claimeth my "self" among the living as a true creator and law giver and law interpreter
  2. My goal is to renounce the entire LEGAL SYSTEM as a biblical brood of vipers having no actual necessary application to living men and women. They [the System] have created for itself a monstrosity which I am gladly not a commercial party to in any way.
  3. Rising up to renounce all claims of ownership over me, I claim ownership of all my assets, my labor, my property, my earnings, my money, my possessions, my belongings, my debts, my obligations, my rights, and I make very certain to place these claims in electronic digital format where anyone can see that I am my own man and I make no false claims in commerce that I am a subject entity to any thing de facto or de jure. No artificial entity created me. Any artificial entity which bears a name spelled with the same lettering as my name does not automatically mean that thing is me.
  4. Since an entity such as STATE OF MINNESOTA seems to think I want to be a subject of its rhetoric/legislation/codes/statues/etc. then the time has come for [IT] to pony up the enormous costs I can foresee in having to defend my several SELVES (Foreign / Domestic / Non-Profit / Land) from unwanted and undisclosed and unwelcome trespass
  5. I am a living natural man; there is nothing artificial about my natural sentient consciousness.
  6. Am I supposed to throw up or stand-up various veils? Various artificial constructs to stand behind as a protective cloak? Teach me and finance those costs since they've made this mess! 
  7. Am I supposed to have incorporated myself, running down to the Secretary of State Office and filing Incorporation Registrations to make myself (all the selves) into owned property that takes on Bankruptcy Protection as do Corporations?  I would have to keep all of that administrative work in good standing. 
  8. Otherwise, Who/What/How is a STATE GOVERNMENT attached onto my back? How can the STATE DIETY construe that I owe it any such performance guarantee? Did I enter some undisclosed contract?
  9. How strong is my Express Reservation of Rights when I write "Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 / 1-207" near my autograph? How important is this that I never again "Sign" anything and never again put my "Signature" on any document especially given this entire essay contains so many topics and words that never come to us with any full disclosure of the true nature? What is The True Nature? 

Leave nothing to chance.

Stay out of Commerce.

Protect your valuables.

Learn who you are.

Learn and declare what you are. Know and declare what you are not.

Don't assume your SELF/Self/self to be some THING/Thing/thing that you are not.

Question everything -- Make no assumptions. Look in to the words. Determine how many meanings can hoodwink you. Something (topics/surroundings) that has been under your nose your entire life does not make this honest or equitable or forthright. Remember - America is a Republic if we can keep it.

Estate Planning -- Done correctly, the documents put in force helps you completely avoid probate. Do this with a clean mind, good information, a written will, a set of eyewitnesses, and a Public Notary present to authenticate your writings inside the official Notary Jurat at the bottom of your pages. Perhaps once my own Will And Testament is finished, I will publish to my website at and my blog at

Take care! Go in peace! Thank this man for being so observant!