What is a Right?

By: James Allen Homyak

"A right is any action that does not bring harm upon another." Said my good friend Steve. I think he is right.

But after your birth, who claimed your body as property? What harm is there in not telling a parent? Did something or someone have the right to presume upon you as a baby?

It is very likely that your father did not go to hospital administration and say, "I am here taking my baby and its mother home with me, where I provide them guardianship in "Pater Familis" to self-govern in pursuit of happiness. Thank you for your assistance. Have a nice day." 

Instead, they discharged the mother and child with the birthing parent most often being the one who informed on the baby's existence to a hospital administrator standing bedside with paper, a pen and a clipboard. So now hospitals generally ignore the father other than to smile and give congrats. The father is not told the important step of claiming his new born property and receiving it at the dock.

Now I am going to borrow a lot from a great author, Anna Von Reitz, and share this.

She explains about the Roman Civil Law adopted by the Municipal United States Government. That means over 185,000 individual branch locations which are all franchised in under (and within) a District whereby they are now known as the municipal city administration, county administration and state administration.  Aka:  City of Fridley, County of Anoka, State of Minnesota., etc. on and on.
They are literally running on the law of Rome, more than two thousand years old, all scribed in Latin. Many of the latin phases are in legal precendent world wide. 
A right is the right to be informed how the evil scam of a birth registry/financial system has been put together. Now they have Gold, Oil, Drugs, Cash, Guns and Cover and are getting their babies too.
Under Roman Civil Law, a woman can own property (such as her own children) only so long as there is a male head of household willing to claim those children as his responsibility. 
Otherwise, the Municipal Government views her children as very valuable unclaimed property --- presumed to be unwanted bastards --- slaves, in other words.  
So that said, after my parents divorced I lived with mom. She had an inkling there was mischief going on, having worked in Real Estate. She warned me before her death in 1995, to be either Republican or nothing. She knew the State was up to something. She was convinced there was no point in registering to vote. Local governments quietly fully changed over to UCC governed for-profit corporations in the 1960's and it took people five years to notice the technocracy getting started. And they will claim the children of unprotected women as WARDS OF THE STATE. From that point in a child's life there will be a number of steps the child is expected to take as a good law abiding citizen under a contrived democracy, in a lost republic. 
Now my goal with producing the Unruly States of Affairs website is to show how I take back myself and get myself restored so I can then boot back up the stopped original American government at the state house. My mother had no idea what she was headed for, and there was no real help from government. Instead they allowed my mother to never be told that I was considered a bastard child.
As a result, divorced women, actual unwed mothers, and widows with children all need to find trustworthy men to stand in the place of Pater Familis with respect to their children. This Paternal Guardian can be and if possible should be the Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, or other relative who is a man of good character and of age and otherwise able to support a family.  Just be sure to record your copies of everything in your big old family bible. Record your children, your pets, your business, your property, your investments, your plans.
In a pinch, a Godfather can serve, or even a family friend, but someone has to fill those empty shoes or the children are at risk under Municipal Law. They are at risk of being governed when it is your job to govern them in the way they should go.
It is this same antique form of law that allows slavery and peonage to exist in the modern world. Only now, our names are made into "things" of at least three sorts, and we have these things run silently by others who tend to business under foreign status.
For these and other reasons, Roman Civil Law should not exist in the modern world, but it does and it is still one of the most common forms of law on a planetary basis.  Go figure --- and deal with this information.  
You are being mistaken and impersonated as a Municipal citizen of the United States, subject to Roman Civil Law.  Then you are demanded to present the first three items a peace officer asks, all in order to establish whether or not he has jurisdiction over you. He does not automatically have force and effect over you unless you are injuring someone or damaging property.
Yes, we can accuse the perpetrators of fraud and hope to prove it, but under Roman Civil Law, you are guilty until proven innocent ---- and they get to set the standard of proof and they will move the goal posts too.  
So.... it's best to know what you are up against and have your ducks in order to establish your standing and ownership interest in your property assets, and it is also best if you realize that under this ancient form of law, pledging,  your children are property assets belonging to you, their parents, until they reach the age of majority. You will find my quest to accomplish this for myself in "Administrative Record" my new manuscript online here at Unruly States of Affairs > Books link.
Under Roman Civil Law, people can still be owned as property.  Minor children are property by definition -- either of their parents/family --- or the STATE. When no claim is made, the state assumes its claim and sets up a fund balance of maximum debt to set off using the child's future worth to the khzarian property system run by the Rothschilds (Queen) and the Rockefellars (Pope) and their enforcement agents make sure "employers" withhold from "paychecks" (securities instruments for debt objects) and "taxpayers" file returns and pay the balance, etc. as if they had a gain.
Slavery is wrong, we all know it's wrong, and it has been outlawed worldwide since 1926, but nonetheless, under Roman Civil Law it persists locally and hasn't been eradicated.  Until it is, and until other forms of law replace it, the Roman Civil Law poses a threat to anyone who can be ensnared. Debt slavery to odious debt is wrong, too.
We are certainly not condoning any of this and don't advocate it or naturally stand under Roman Civil Law at all ---- nonetheless, it is the law of one of our Federal Subcontractors, and we have to be aware of it and ready to defend against it --- first by denying their assumption that we are citizens of their version of "United States" and second, by being prepared to rebut their ownership claims under their own law. 
Having someone on the record to stand as Pater Familis is wise, as it discourages the Vermin from attacking you and your children in the first place.  They can't assume that your children are "fatherless" and without support, the most common excuse they use to claim them and send their "agents" ---- "Child Protective Services" --- to seize upon your kids.  
This advice applies to people who have "married" under a civil marriage license as much as it does to actual unwed mothers and divorcees and widows ---- get a separate claim, a Baby Record (sometimes called a Baby Deed) on the Public Record, with both a Father or Paternal Guardian and Mother on the record.  Such "civil marriages" do not establish official paternity and don't have the lawful and legal standing of wedlock.  That is, you can be married and your husband is still not legally presumed to be the father of your children until he steps up and says so.  You also need to clearly establish the birthright political status of your child as an American State National for their sake.  
Don't let anyone assume anything about your political status --- declare it, and don't let your children go undeclared, either. 
Admiralty Law is another ancient form of law that is legendarily prone to corruption, which is what led to the Admiralty Courts in Great Britain being dismembered and restricted in the mid-1700's.  Only four subjects were left to the Admiralty Courts after this great restructuring --- seaman's wages, hypothecation of debt, maritime salvage claims, and bottomry bonds. 
Out of this meager remaining authority, the Admiralty Courts have managed to spread worldwide corruption on an unprecedented scale, by attaching "Special Admiralty Rules" to the Roman Civil Law already discussed and misapplying Admiralty Law on shore.  
The Perpetrators have "supposed" that, as we haven't declared our own political status in public, they can use their own "discretion" to determine our identity and political status for us, and proceed however they please, using whatever form of law suits their purpose --- which is to collect war reparations for the British King. 
From their perspective, we are "ships" --- thanks to a presumed British Territorial "Citizenship" that accrues to British Territorial Persons at birth --- and as such, we are subject to maritime (commercial) salvage as bankrupt franchises of prior government corporations.  So they seize upon our good names and estates and make false claims and false presumptions about us and our government, and there is nothing to prevent this headlong self-interested spate of lying, because we have been left completely in the dark and unable to object as a result. 
The entire British Territorial Internal Revenue Service scam rests upon their undisclosed use of the word "Taxpayer" as a legal term defined as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service ---- thus bringing the subject matter of the Admiralty Courts --- seaman's wages --- to bear.  
They also speculate that the bankrupt franchise "Persons" that they operate "in our names" are subject to salvage and hypothecation of debt against the "wreck" --- that is, the bankrupted British Territorial Person -- and the Owners of that wreck, who are presumed to be the Americans these British Territorial franchise corporations are named after.  
Imagine that someone named an actual ship after you, the jolly HMS John Doe American?  
And then proceeded to wreck and bankrupt and salvage this ship?  Imagine that they have charged you for all this "service" they've done salvaging the wreck that they created?  Plus, they have seized upon the cargo this "ship" was carrying?  
Now you have an idea of what these criminals have been pulling on the clueless American General Public in their Admiralty Courts.  Technically, they have been addressing their own bankrupt corporate franchises, not addressing the similarly-named Americans at all.  And obviously, bankrupt British Territorial corporate franchises have no guarantees under The Constitution of the United States of America, so they have evaded their constitutional obligations to the Americans, too.  
This is why the Admiralty Courts were destroyed in the 1750's, but unfortunately, the Brits saw an advantage in preserving this nasty little court concession for precisely these and similar fraud schemes ---- and so these frauds of impersonation and unlawful conversion have continued and flourished even though they have been officially outlawed since 1702, and the British Government has deliberately continued to profit from these fraud and personage schemes with malice aforethought, as we see in the Naval Agency and Distributions Act of 1864. 
Both of these ancient forms of "Law" --- the Roman Civil Law and the Admiralty Law --- need to be torn asunder and  reformed on a worldwide basis, as both are being manipulated to promote criminal mischief and injustice on a worldwide scale. 
We should not be limited in this reform or coerced to substitute other repugnant forms of law such as Administrative Law intended to manage the internal affairs of corporations, or Sharia Law which is a codification enforcing Muslim religious mandates, or Noahide Law which is a simpler and even more Draconian form of Admiralty Law or Rules of Law which are intended to govern the courts.  
We need new law forms that are simple, easy to understand, and easy to obey for the common good.  There is no reason to entertain the insanity of over 80 million codes, regulations, and statutes, which nobody can rightly interpret, know, obey, enforce, or pay for. 
We, as a planetary community, must address the havoc and injustice that the application and misapplication of these ancient forms of law have caused.  We must additionally address the results of these misuses and abuses of law and make new choices and develop new forms of law to promote justice and honest administration of local government and business functions. 
I have stared this Beast in the face and thought long and hard about it, and can find no better standards than the most ancient of all laws on Earth --- to honor our Creator, to honor freewill, to cause no harm, and to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. 
Avoiding harm to others would become profitable. Respecting the privacy and property rights of others would be normal.  And you wouldn't need entire huge libraries to define and prove what is simply right or simply wrong.  All you would need is a jury of twelve people without profit motives and their heads screwed on.


Browse through this website, gaining new information. Take some of the phrases you see, and do searching of your own. Build your history of setting yourself free.

After all, it is your right.

Now, let's hope that my marvelous love letter that I write to that future sweetheart of mine does not bring her any harm.