Has my Son, Brother, Uncle, Dad, Cousin, Grandpa, neighbor and best friend Jim gone crazy on everyone?

Ah, noooo, he most certainly hasn't! 

By: Jim Homyak, as himself

If you are wondering about any of this about me...but don't care to ask me directly....how about reading it straight from my mind to yours? Here goes.

Let's open your mind!   Let's free your mind!

Many people regard me as 'crazy jimmy' via the hearsay -- based on the gossip -- about me coming from various sources over the past couple of decades. 

Do I or should I regard any of these sources as factual or authoritative?

No, I should not. I actually don't, won't and cannot. Neither should you. But everyone is entitled to their opinion -- however biased they end up becoming via decades of cognitive dissonance

Prior to my former wife leaving me during the spring time of 2010, I was so driven in business, work and legal matters in order to keep up with an expensive household. I was also driven to live a life of repentance, truth, honesty and reverence for our Lord God, the devine leader of all loving and benevolent faiths. (outside cult-convicted, fake, glad-handing and patronizing ministries)

Back in those days the bank we thought we loaned money from did the deal by making up the money from thin air -- in their accounting system -- based on our promise to pay back over 275% as much over 30 years. We first signed a purchase agreement. Then we signed a Promissory Note. Then a Mortgage. We gave those to the so-called Lender. In a short time, they whipped up the checks based on the new liability balance in their proprietary software system. 

At the end of that 30 year term, our house would not have been worth 2.75 times higher than the purchase price.

I wasn't going to keep falling as the victim. I was a TENANT anyway, since that's what our lovely SYSTEM regards U.S. Citizens in terms of standing. Renting is you. The home closing paperwork showed the wife and I as JOINT TENANTS (which means renter). That's a rank which is no higher than an adjunct franchise token holder bartering in a usufruct administrative relationship (look that one up you smart sane people).

Ask yourself this question about yourself.  "How many years have I spent studying American History, World History, World Wars, Church History, Financial System operations and Popular Culture on top of United States history?"  For me, that is 16 on top of grades 4 through 12. I'd only learned the faked U.S. History throught Public and Christian school education. From then on it's all fake news. We are each responsible for making real news which is then our truth.

Ask yourself this question:  "How much do I know about the important and vast difference between American history and UNITED STATES history and on top of that the actual Minnesota history vs. the STATE OF MINNESOTA history?" 

You won't ever know the truth about any of these unless you decide to study by yourself. Period.

How about these questions: "Do I really know or care where home loan funding comes from?"   "Don't you know that Federal Reserve Notes are below zero because they each (each dollar) represent Debts to repay?"

About now, under Joke Biden, you are realizing your dollar is worth near zero, and the fake press and fake media tells you we all owe 34 trillion that can never be repaid so like it and pay it for the next 500 years. Yeah, right.  The real truth is the actual American people are owed over 500 trillion in national credit which is being kept off of our "supposed to be honest accounting" balance sheets by the Department of Defense. 

Here's one, "Do I ever want to run a successful home-based business?"

There used to be great opportunity.  Now you have to get more creative than ever.

And there are all of these, "How are we going to raise these kids and get them out on their own -- in a world that wants to own and control them too and force them into poverty -- and/or turn our sons or daughters into the opposite sex or drug them up?"   "Let's send them to schools that won't even tell us that they're helping our boys and girls to become promiscuous and bi-curious?"  "Our daughter wants to become a boy with the help of our school social worker quietly behind our backs and yet we've raised her to know who she is, but we haven't got a leg to stand on as the school district will contact CPS to take her from our home and family if we threaten to put a stop to this insanity -- all to protect her?"

Let me ask this question of myself:  "Why am I so different from everyone else?"

I had learned about what's going on (world-wide) that will terribly affect everyone in the years ahead, and, the discovery woke me up super fast. So fast that you all thought I was nuts, or you believed the hearsay and saw me walk away.  Ha! THE JOKE IS ON YOU!  Check out this Roman Catholic high ranking fellow as he tries to alert everyone back in 2021 (about 158 years too late).

Rather than being 1 million percent NUTS, I decided that stealing from me and lying to me are completely over with.

So now, these days, I can honestly agree to being a very small percent of nuts -- maybe even lower on the nuts scale than you are. But are we a danger to each other? I doubt that very much. Not unless you've had the death shots -- more on that a bit later in this essay.

My degree of going nuts is proven in people whose adrenal and renal systems are broke down -- or destroyed by toxic exposures.

Here is what happened to me after ten years into my so-called happy home ownership:

  1. During 2007, the wife saw a FOX News report about our so-called bank. Regulators discovered financial fraud that was to unwind the entire home financing deal for everyone involved. 

  2. During a couple months of my spare time, I'd used the internet/web to get a LOT more info than what the news was reporting. The American faked franchise and corporatized foreign government was conning everyone with their TARP (toxic assets) program. The U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve structured a settlement to pay-off all the crooks to keep them from failing (too big to fail), but still leaving homeowners on the hook for their full amount due, after granting a zero balance for the cronies; there was no relief planned and a full balance still due for us sheeple who didn't know what was going on. The home buyers were the blame as ponzi scheme victims without a clue. We were said to all be in over our heads by purchasing a home that will soon be way beyond our means -- thus a troubled asset. 

  3. Totally unrelated: I'd gotten a phone call in early 2008 from an old friend who asked for my help in converting his workbook series into a website. We were convinced our investor contacts in Colorado were going to fund us with $300k by autum 2008 to make a new business.

  4. By July 2008 I was able to leave a company where I had worked for just over two years. That was a $52K average paying job I'd left with no real benefits or pension to look forward to. Both the wife and I had to work full time if possible to make ends meet. 

  5. By Sept 2008 the entire housing market crashed. Our investor cancelled. This left me without hopes of earning $72k at a home-based business. Taking smaller jobs left my earings way down. Also along with the market crashing, the twin cites area had 32,000 computer people looking for work. 85% of them had a higher level of education than I had. Do you see where this is going? Spending into our overdraft protection every month.

  6. By late 2008 I had discovered the man behind organiclaws.org and also the man behind livinglies.me  and several people behind sedm.org and I became a student to their education courses. Serious now, I had waken up to something that has been slowly and gradually ruing this entire country -- all our farms, all our factories, all our industries, all our families for upwards of 200 years. From 1824 through 2024 we Americans are in a death spiral. I figured this out for myself long ago. I can now articulate the many situations better than anyone...   to such degree THAT I MUST BE CRAY CRAY, huh?   Yeah. That's the ticket.  

  7. By early 2009 I had my mortgage and home closing package of papers in hand, due to over 60 issues (times two by including both the wife and I) I had found based on the same kinds of bank errors and fraud that was being discovered and paid off behind closed doors via TARP by the American taxation swindle. I had taken our document packet to a Lakeville area financial fraud investigator. He carefully combed through all of these over a month's time (huge pile of other investigation he had going) and we together had taken the package to an area law firm. The law firm concluded that, "James, you have got over 65 counts of constructive fraud, identity theft, fraud in the inducement, fraud in the factum, failure to disclose the true nature of the home financing, and more. Said quickly, it was to have been a lawsuit approaching 4 million dollars. A lawsuit required $880 dollars in court filing fees to initiate with all parties involved."  

  8. By April 2009 the lawyer advised how to rescind our financing using the bank's own procedures. We did all of that. Then the smaller bank was acquired by a significantly larger bank -- and via TARP Round 2 all of the entire amount of indebtedness above us was paid off, between banks, but the lawyer was able to prove that what should have occured was a resturcturing for the homeowners as well. This debt restructuring never happened. The truth of the home financing funding source was kept hidden. That lawyer was on a first-come-first-served basis. We were delayed by over six months. We went on "stop pay" in lieu of receiveing back a fairly sizable sum in order to refinance.  

  9. Due to the bank breaking more laws, we had then been led to initiate a different lawsuit at the state and federal levels. That is when I had gotten so busy in research and writing, the nescient wife went nuts on me, thinking I didn't love her anymore. Much lower income, working at home, falling behind on everything, etc. becoming a disconnected father to the kids, etc.  

  10. I was at a stage of absolutely refusing to play their games and be had by THEM/Them/them. (a page from my Dad's play book) In that state of mind, the house wasn't worth it. The job wasn't worth it. The wife and family as confused and misled as they'd all become in life, wasn't worth it. I was simply left to contemplate the sin circling all around me. I wasn't going to change anyone but myself. I wasn't going to attempt to unwind everyone's wrongs when the scope of it all was that massive. Even the attorney for "the Bank/Pretender Lender" broke the news to me: "Your use of the LEGAL ALL CAPS NAME FRANCHISE (aka HOMYAK, JAMES A) is also included in the list of fraud that the judge will hear that you've been committing."  

  11. Long story short:   When someone is wanting to, ready to, setup to and encourged by others to walk away from you, LET THEM! 

  12. Somewhere during spring time 2010, around April fool's day, I was invited by a family member to hop in the car for a ride to the county psych ward.  Yay me!  The mess in my life DID NOT turn me crazy. My decision to move on has left a whole lot of people to their own naturally misguided time spent listening to opinionated wrong-headed people who still to this day have their head in the sand. 

  13. None of the people in my life would be to blame for my kidney failure of 2019 through 2024.  I doubt very much I would be in this condition had I not lived easy and carefree in the western states from 2010 through 2019. I was living the dream with a new outlook. The past is past. Your lives go from this point forward. 

  14. Now we are in 2024. My phone doesn't ring from any of the over 250 people knowing of me via family. I see people who come outside, for instance, from a get together, wondering if "CRAZY" is nearby some where. Well how about this:  If I am spending time near such people, then I am wasting my time -- AND THEY KNOW IT! That's why you may only see me for a short time. Then it is exit stage right -- I am out of there.

  15. Don't come around me and don't invite me anywhere near anyone who believes in the COVID (debaucle) as some great government issued potion to keep you safe. If you've had those death shots, you've said your  "so long" to me. Or you can say it once news travels about this little gem of a "let em' go" story. 

  16. Two of my best friends passed away in January and June this year. Being conservative, prepared and well-educated people, they had both told me that the levels of schizophrenia and psychosis that I'd been accused of living in denial with, by my own family, is actually quite natural to happen to people who know as much as I do. Yet I've actively been doing something about it rather than balling up and crawling under a rock to sulk. Here we are at a shory essay which I've put onto my web portal -- a technology that few people can even grasp, let alone read or comprehend.  So, good luck with all of this. 

Now as for this story and those doubters in my realms; those who snicker; those who play dumb; those who blow me off; those who are confused; those who've seen enough bullshit happening lately in their own lives; those who see me now 14 years into that future (2010 to 2024); my best and most loving and sane advice I can give you about these Unruly States of Affairs in the United States of America is this:



You haven't got much time. You don't need me! Do it for yourself! 

So long everyone... if you ever see me again, it would be too soon. 


Autographed By: ole' Jimbo 


P.S. As one of the top 350 most sane and accredited people on Minnesota, as of the time of this writing, know this: We have over 350 men and women (not as PERSONS) now standing on the land and soil jurisdiction. This time next year we plan for 3,500 or more.