Correcting Your Political Status and Your Commercial Status

"Huh?  Correcting my what?  Oh do tell..." 

By: James Allen Homyak



The Americas are distinct multi-jurisdictional geographical locations on planet earth. There are land masses and political subdivisions. Each kind require a type of political citizen populous in order to be recognized "legally" as a country.


We have South America, Central America and North America as the primary locations for all of the countries therein.

Inside North America we have the 50 states, the District of Columbia, plus the 8 ancilliary territories mostly surrounded by sea water (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, etc.). Each have a political class of Citizen. Each have a governing body politic and somewhat of a Commercial Legal System dealing in contracts and codes.

Americans have also had all of our identities commercially converted into multi-jurisdictional enterprise entities without giving any of us much of a hint about what we should be doing as our daily strategy. We only have basic ideas about how to use these identities -- all based on any practical knowledge and preparation we got in our indoctrination schools. We get trained to work, to buy goods and to pay our taxes. These are our perks for accepting the default "national political status" as that type of Citizen which we're made out to be -- by default -- as newborns, able to breathe, cry and nurse, or so we hope. 




Political Status 



When left to purely receive the result of the default municipal protocols in a STATE GOVERNMENT and the standard practices in a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, all Americans are presumed to want to have a DUAL IDENTITY cloaked inside a Top Down Political System, instead of the other way around.

Once you realize the truth behind this whole notion, you will quickly want to make some corrective declarations and published documents to get yourself back to the land and soil of your home state.



Commercial Status



In the business to business world, where most matters cross national and interstate borders, Americans have sat by and allowed the commercial system to rise up to replace our government with incorporated business entities bent on substituting every thing we have with a Corporate Fictional Likeness for which we blindly become its Authorized Representative. 

How much full and complete disclosure of the true nature of this has even been available to help you manage effectively?  You hire an Attorney, right? After all, these are commercial legal matters, no?

By going along with the default government issued forms, as authored, as if you wrote them, your political status and your commercial status is press-ganged upon you -- to be railroaded into fascist technocracy or the American corporatocracy as its happy convert into their vessel in Commerce.  Did any one bother to tell your  parents any of this?  No.  They were told it's the law to register baby, etc.

We each got our Given Name "set up in a monopoly game sort of system" nationally, which is fastly becoming governed by the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and numerous Non-Governmental Organizations.

Our game tokens (aka LEGAL PERSONS) are comprised of at least three types of Individual Entity PERSONS which are spelled with the same letters as your full name... but only with WITH THE CAPS LOCK always turned on in print. You may have wondered, "What is up with that?" It's just the way it is. Yeah. I'll bet. Some jive about machine reading? That's what the Postal Service will say. We also get a nifty secondary state standing too, of sorts, as a kind of dual citizenship -- without being specifically told of the true nature of who made who or what made what.



Are there two standards in America?

Yes,  There is a political standard and there is a commercial standard.

There is a huge interconnected maze of agencies who task themselves with balancing the books.

Let's not forget about their debt collectors!  ...the I.R.S. and the Internal Revenue Service...





Restoration for Politics 



Americans HAVE NOT HAD a properly functioning American State Government between 1861 and 2021. Restoration of American states has happened slowly and gradually and quietly while following the Organic Law as our guide to govern our responsibilities and to put state assemblies back into effect.

American people can rest on the Declaration of Independence.

The American nation states each have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights to run the people in Office. 

The people have their Holy Bible to run their households outside of the government that the people created to do its business internationally.   

Actual Americans are not here to reform the [corporate STATE] but we are here to RESTORE THE UNINCORPORATED STATE as the location where we own our self, enjoy our rights, govern our valuables, etc.



Reformation for Commerce 



Americans HAVE HAD a Uniform Commercial Code system pressed down upon us between 1933 and present time.

Business Operators have had a properly functioning Uniform Commercial Code between the 1954 and 2007.

Reform of the necessary District at Washington, D.C. has not been happening as all have hoped.

The original Organic Law has been obscured and no longer serves as their guide to govern themselves in their responsibilities and to put the unincorporated state assemblies back into effect.



While The American People rested on the Declaration of Independence, not really knowing enough about all of The American Nation States, each having its own Constitution and Bill of Rights to run the people in Office, and entirely separate and foreign system of bankers and commercial interests has taken over, using their extremely large holding of dollars as their power to control people across the entire planet. 

The people have their Holy Bible to run their households outside of these governments that the people created generations ago to do its State business internationally.   

Actual Americans are not here to reform the [corporate STATE] but we are here to restore the unincorporated state as the location where we own our self, our rights, our valuables, etc. in peace and harmony.




Reform or Restore --- That is The Question

By Anna Von Reitz

Wednesday, November 29, 2023




The act of declaring of your home state in the Public Record, or the state you live at now, by way of adopting that state as your Nationality, is a maneuver which lawfully results in you leaving the FEDERAL PLANTATION.

Note the words "live at" as opposed to "reside in" here in this heading.



...Tremendous Amount Of Detail...


In addition to the real natural you, living at your state, as named in your private capacity, in your Proper Name and standing, natural and alive on your home state:


There is an Ecclesiatical (Church) Person resident, a Domestic (Municipal) Person resident and a Foreign (Federal) Person resident as your three store front residents done on paper "for you" and those thing's Administration's are what you're authorized to represent commercially as Resident.

So many people who have not dug into this with the veracity that I have, refer this these things as "YOUR STRAWMAN" to help over-simplify the connotation that using those NAMES makes you a "play actor" such as the actor who played "Scarecrow" the in Wizard of Oz --- a fictional man made of straw.

Forget politics, religion and government now for a moment....  as this is all about Commerce / Transportation / Communications / Consumerism and dead person fictional civil language. 

This exemple presents all of these THINGs for you to clearly see with your own eyes.  Don't believe me?  Lots of proof exists.

  • JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK (territorial or foreign) (Federal) (SSN is 9 digits with dashes, eg. 123-45-6789)

  • JAMES A HOMYAK (municipal or domestic) (State) (SSN is 9 digits without dashes, eg. 123456789)

  • JAMES HOMYAK (non-profit or Church) (Baptismal Records created by the Catholic Church)

  • HOMYAK, JAMES A (estate/land) (Land, Deed, Property, Tax and Title Records created by the County)

These three or four THING's each have their own "Business Administration" that you are expected to "Sign for" on documents authored for you as if YOU did the writing. No money can move until you "Sign for" it, to give it credit and breathe life into as if you just contracted in business.


Alive and Natural  vs.  Dead and Artificial  (these are Your Commercial Status)

Trying to explain to your Medical Doctor, that "No, I do not present with..." when coming in to the clinic --- as those are civilly dead fictional terms.  "But I have arrived to be cared for as those are my natural living words."  He will repeat out of habit. If you repeat yourself, your Doctor will happily jot in your file that you perseverated. LOL.  All artificial person language. 


The key takeaway question is: 

Are you alive and natural or are you artificial and a civil construct?  The whole key to correcting your political status is that you bring yourself back to the living and you bring yourself back to being fully protected by the organic laws, all your unalienable rights and protections restored to you. 



Here is a quick exercise you can do now. Dig out a stack of mail you've received and take a careful look at how you've been addressed in the ADDRESSEE block on the face of the mailing piece ... I am talking about the text style, ALL CAPS, etc.

I had gotten mail from a medical company COMMERCIALLY ADDRESSED like this:

PO BOX 424
SHAKOPEE, MN 55379-0424

What do I do about this? I send it back with a letter as shown in my example letters inside  my book, Administrative Record. Why do I send it back?  Because for openers, with the CAPS LOCK on, this is denoting a LEGAL PERSON that can be the following, except for a real man: 

a. Trust
b. Corporation
c. Limited Partnership
d. Individual / Sole Proprietor

These basic four are mischaracterizing my Name, as a Foreign or Territorial subject to an entity, which is a position and standing that automatically equals slavery. In protection of the truth and my best interests, it is my duty to rebut these various presumptions that I am conducting business as a business, subject to taxation, legislation, representation and reporting in a corporate sense.

Now if any of these sorts of solution topics are too difficult for you to comprehend, and if you're thinking "No way am I going to do this!" then perhaps you are right.  Close your browser tab. Forget about all of this. Keep going through life with your boat floating in the mainstream as a happy debtor / taxpayer and subject of criminals.  Remember this: Broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter by it. Narrow is the road that leads to life and only a few find it. 



Now for a bit of recent forgotten history...


After the 1950's roll-out of a very large "Uniform Commercial Code" had begun across all of the STATE OF STATE enterprises, (50 inchoate states) and, also to govern each of "the Incorporated entities" which have all registered at THE SECRETARY OF STATE, (such as Target Stores, etc.), we had very little hope anymore of living as a truely free people. We got converted so that LIKE THINGS can relate with LIKE THINGS.

Freedoms and rights all got commercially converted into privledges and benefits along with the nationwide acceptance of that wonderful U.S. CITIZEN thing.

As you will learn by the end of this reading lesson, about our American sovereignty, is that our lives are no longer about people. Instead we're all about standing-in for these THINGS IDENTIFIED that get created administratively using our Given Names and then cast upon our backs contractually.

Due to the sheer magnitude of the corporatism that our Civil and Municipal Corporations and their lobbyists and all those elected officials have got going for themselves, in bankruptcy again too, we have mountains of debt which can never be repaid. It is mathematically impossible to pay down such debt especially when is grows faster than it gets repaid. This whole mess is dropped onto the backs of the people who "stand-in" for the political class of the 2nd and 3rd class Citizen -- which is why it is urgent to reclaim your State Citizen standing, and remove the national fraud from your lives. 

It will be shown to you how the entire house of cards is assembled, propped up and it's actually teetering at the brink of disaster -- clamoring to get and keep hold of your children, your properties, your monies and your lives. We see Washington plow ahead with opening up the southern borders!


They need more bodies as their stand-ins for the great ponzi scheme.



Politically and Administratively, you've belonged to a gigantic property management corporation which hasn't been the government that we are owed. 

Today in America we still have distinctions between named places, yet some of the hottest topics about all of this have been desperately occulted (hidden from view) by intentioned people within and behind the technocracy. 

The correcting of your American state national political status takes a lot more thought and preparation than the actual physical writing, recording and administering of your public notice documents.



For a glimpse into a finished set of Status Correction Documents, go to Solutions > Topic 5  



Here's a short list of what you can expect to take place (you make this all take place) as far as your documents are concerned:

  1. Download the blank originals of all the document templates which have all been authored by a law firm.
  2. Input all your details to personalize the papers for your names, addresses, etc. and print your set of originals (plenty of instructions come too)

  3. Arrange your paperwork for your witnessing day where you have a Public Notary and two family members or two age old friends in the room together.

  4. Purchasing multiple sets of certified copies of your originals, at your Bank office, for example. Ask your Public Notary for a referral to get proper legal/lawful copies. 

  5. Present your certified copy of your (these new) Deed documents to the County Recorder, as an attachment to your existing Real Estate deed, if any.

  6. Notate your permanent paper calendar of events each day as they take place. Keep diligent safe copies of your documents but NOT in a Bank Safe Deposit Box.

  7. Preparing and mailing your NOTICE documents for several of the local / state and national agency heads. Use the registered return receipt mail slips and stickers from the Post Office.

  8. Counting down the elapsed days which pass  - 30, 60, 90, 120 days. Your goal here is known as "tacit procuration" and this is what they did to you at the beginning of your life. This is your right to do. 

  9. Make careful records of which agencies respond and which do not. Expect a ton of silence.  It's like a dose of their own medicine. The more quiet they are, the more you win. 

  10. Prepare secondary NOTICES to send back to any agency that respond to challenge you in doing what is your right to do. These secondary responses will be in the example templates in my book.

  11. Publish your newly declared State Citizen status in the Legal Notices paper at your home county. This tells everyone who you are and gives notice to all who might write to challenge you about some aspect of your big change of leaving the plantation (D.C.).

  12. Mail notices to every organization you do business with informing them that your former U.S. Citizen thing has been retired. Give them 30 days to challenge or rebut or they have to remain silent forevermore.

  13. Put your employer on NOTICE that you have taken charge of any or all Government reporting regarding your indentity. You get to relieve your payroll department of this free duty they have been expected to do for you.

  14. More advanced steps are now yours to take depending on how involved your life is with various contacts and obligations. 

FYI... I have already been living free for 15 years into my actual retirement from the workforce... and now I am also 13 months into my State Political Status Correction, and you know what? I am still here. I am still free. There is a big difference between those who pay taxes and those who live off taxes. My doors weren't kicked in. My car wasn't impounded. The IRS hasn't written me anything legitimate since 2009. Anything they did sneek through got summarily returned with a reminder of the notice which had cured many years ago. The fact remains, the tax system is for federal employees aka U.S. Citizens, but NOT typical Americans standing on the land of their home state, me as a Minnesotan. You as a North Carolinian. 



Here is a basic listing to illustrate all of this, which is vital that you can comprehend, in your eighth grade english language:

a. Your house is your jurisdiction, that is, if you know what you're doing to preserve and protect this by deliberate steps you must take. Your life needs to become your own internal monarchy.

b. Your townhome community is your landlord's jurisdiction if you are renters, or your homeowner's association's jurisdiction when you are homeowners.

c. Your local City Hall is your local Mayor's jurisdiction, your Police Dept has a Chief, your Fire Station has a Commanding Officer, etc. on and on.

d. Your International borders, within 100 miles, are your Federal Government's jurisdiction.

e. Your Native American reservations are your Federal Government's jurisdiction, as are magazines, dockyards, military bases, post offices and so marked properties.

f. The 50 American states are each of those State's jurisdictions respectively (of course that has gotten so cloudy today based on the commercial PERSON that is paying the bills).

g. The Federal Government has lands and territories ceded to it, by The People upon the States, which never included your private households, not by intention.

h. Our country is a nation of laws based upon the consent of the governed -- a consent which can be revoked for various reasons, namely destructive activities and fraud you can obviously see taking place.

i. Our National and State and County and Local governments exist on paper and in practice - as evidenced by all those staffed buildings  (ask youself what came first, the chicken or the egg).

j. The organic law for this country is a 4-part compendium as its basis, where the above noted boundaries are well established in the associated chain of documents.

k. Go into your local dialysis center to have your kidneys filtered, and guess what?  Yup. Their jurisdiction. Try taking your face diaper off. I won't finish the list through letter z. here but you need to know it goes that far.... and it is about your money and your property leaving you and going to the establishment, either on a fast road or a slow road.

The key is learning how you, by having the presumed political status for your entire life, have unknowingly helped to erase these important boundaries by just simply having [ THEM / Them / them ] presume that you had already permanently consented -- all because of what had taken place upon the first few days of your life. Dear Mother!  (THEM is foreign.  Them is domestic.  them is non-profit. )

You'll be shocked to know this hoodwink is more powerful for [ THEM / Them / them ] than a simple identity theft. I sure was shocked.

My wife left me over this by yelling to me that she'd be damned if I was gonna challenge her upbrining.  Now years later she's figuring it out all by herself. 

While compiling all of this information, I've decided to list "Correcting Your Status" as Step 1 to help make you realize the levity beneath the unruly states of affairs we've been surrounded with.

The real Step 1 is getting yourself re-educated.

Yet the more I drill into this study, I realize you are going to need to unlearn some -if not all- of your public education:

Here are some huge discoveries I've made once I had gotten pointed in the right direction...

  1. There are 50 America states which each are internationally recognized as "nation states" yet we have a commerce / education / transportation / political / economic / social system that has gotten silently redirected after the period of time known as "the Civil War" to what is now known as "the United States" and you are "taken up administratively" just after birth into "the United States" without your home state being the focus anymore. This is a tragic theft of who you are while you're a defenseless newborn. Many people will debate you in conversation about your home state being a nation unto itself. We can reference the Federal Code to see that this is the truth. We can reference each of our State Constitutions and respective Bill of Rights too, which teach us that it was first the people who made their State. Then their State formed its Assembly and made a Federal seat for certain International objectives. That's how the American government was designed.  

  2. Any former president "of the United States" remains as "a President" for the rest of their natural life even after leaving office. This means that all of their policies and executive orders remain in effect unless and until they ever are fully impeached successfully through actions of both the House and the Senate together.  Impeached fully in that manner means, in a nutshell, that they are packed up and carted out of the whitehouse, all acts and executive orders thereby extinguished. Bill Clinton, for example, was only impeached in the House. He stayed put for the most part until his "term" ended. His policies hadn't ended. 

  3. Your children become "wards of the state" upon the successful changing of your birth mother into an unwed informant. Several terrible omissions occur that cause you (as a baby) to be presumed upon in terms of your citizenship and political status.  Years go by.  The truth never comes back to the surface. Why is that?  Can you guess?  

  4. American History, you know, where the truth about the founding of America was taught, has been designed to be completely replaced over decades by powerful men who ran powerful corporations. Today, in place of our true American History, we have a bastardized United States History, seeking to confound scholars and keep them mired in debate. 

  5. Here is where we've stood today (um, been stood up) as Americans, unknowingly, beginning the day we were born:

    • Our name was invented by our Mom and/or Dad -- to start or grow our family. They gave us our Given Name. That's how I'd gotten the James Allen.
    • Some excited nurse midwife or hospital administrator came by with a clipboard, etc. Usually always the Mother herself fills in the paperwork right then.

    • Hospital Admin does their part by joining the Homyak part together with the Given Name within these documents and sends off the paperwork as directed by THE STATE and the policies in force.

      • Birth Certificate Application (State)

      • Social Security Application (Federal)

    • Nobody is clearly told what takes place next -- and truth be told, seldom does anyone even ask. How many Moms and Dads go down to Hospital Administration to claim baby? How many people decline both of these services, to say, "No, we'll take care of all this using our family Bible and our family witnesses. We decline your documentation services at this time."

    • STATE OF MINNESOTA  (legislated procedures take place, steps known as State Law)

      • Parents hear the "hearsay" that they cannot be married without a "marriage license" and that document grants the STATE a 3rd party status as a silent partner to your marriage contract as a civil union.

      • A Birth is Registered by the careful transcription of vital information that your mother, acting as their unpaid volunteer informant, provided to them with a smile on her face. Or so they hope.

      • An ESTATE is generated via the Probate Court, one in which the STATE makes itself the Beneficiary and the Mother (presumably unwed) as the Trustee/Executor.

      • Vital Statistics are created, being certain to print the Mom's maiden name on the record. Seldom is the Dad given parental rights on these documents. 

      • The name James Allen Homyak gets converted at or near birth into corporate chattels as JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK to establish the [legal person thing] the poor guy gets to answer to.

      • The STATE sends the Social Security application to the Federal (Contractor) Government which in turn creates the U.S. Citizen (which is like chickens come home to roost).

      • I will go into an exhaustive essay about what this whole shrade does to you, inside your esteemed civil union you knew nothing about legally.

    • Registered to become a thing identified.  To "Regis" means to give up ownership. 

      • James Allen of the Homyak family instantly becomes A INDIVIDUAL who can be sued in Court and who can receive bankruptcy protections and state assistance with probate matters.
        1. HOMYAK, JAMES A  (domestic person)
        2. JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK (foreign person)
        3. JAMES HOMYAK (ecclesiastical person aka non-profit)

    • States (aka corporations) hold the Title to the babies, but parents can get a certified copy as a certificate. The same is done with your Land, your Home and your Automobile if you apply for this Title service.

    • Our status, by the speed of a certain couple of document signings, became a STATE RESIDENT, then a FEDERAL PERSON, then a U.S. CITIZEN, then a Federal Person residing in a STATE OF STATE 

    • Later in life, by way of public policy, education and loads of hearsay

      • Teenager gets a new job and gives a SSN as a condition for becoming employed

      • Teenager gets a Driving Permit as a condition for learning how to legally use (aka Drive/Operate) the family automobile, assumed to be using it in business for financial gain

      • Teenager's Parents, and/or as a young adult, prepares and files their initial Tax Returns, presumed to not intend to bring up the issue of Federal Person vs. state free inhabitant

      • Young Adult gets propositioned to join the Armed Forces, giving up more unalienable rights to help protect our way of life from all enemies foreign and domestic

      • Young Adult registers to Vote (step back to see these are now corporation elections, no different than electing the President of Dairy Queen)

    • The political status of this one male or female is completely presumed by everything that has taken place so far, and what's more...

      • This is patriotic

      • This is how we do things

      • This is what made America such a great country

      • The male or female is not trained to speak in depth in these matters

    •  The folks who screwed America so royally got their start around 1825. They really solidified the mess after 1871 to 1877. Then again after 1913, 1929, 1941, 2020.

      • Lawyers and Attorneys in Congress

      • Lawyers and Attorneys who lobbied members of Congress

      • Coporations from overseas, namely London, France

      • The Pope in the Vatican

    • The fact of the matter remains

      • America is always going to need its multi-tier governments, so this entire website is not an anti-government rant. This web resources NOT hate speech. 

      • 92% of all Americans got themselves mis-characterized by no fault of their own. We did what we heard said that this is what everyone does. Yeah, 192 years later.  

      • Americans stepped into a foreign place administratively, where those over there are so happy, they've become immeasurably wealthy as a cabal of theieves.

      • What is happening to us today is not so much about Politics and Government and Religion.


      • Peace has been declared, and for our 150,000 state nationals, we now have been working around the clock to rebuild where the derailure began during the 1860s.

    • Rather than seek to learn this information carefully and apply it properly, there have been numerous unintended consequences. You need to know so you prepare:

      • Law Enforcement is not being taught that Americans can lawfully, legally and justly declare their state political status and birth-right citizenship as a lawful amendment to the record.

      • Sovereign Citizen is a phrase used by Officers and Court personel. However, such a phrase is an oxymoron. It is impossible to put the two words together as one. 

      • People who decide to get this work done for themselves run hap-hazardly without a concise plan and they can get tripped up by not properly documenting in sequence.

      • The entire "system" played for keeps because deep down, [they] (300 people) knew it was an international cabal of deeply seated criminals buying off any competition.

      • Freedom isn't free. There is a price to pay. That price is having to work, rather than floating automatically in the main stream with everyone else - being led to slaughter.

      • The truely sad fact is how many bureaucrats and public officials have no clue about any of this, because the truth isn't in those public policy operations manuals.



Due to the fact that so much information exists....

  • What you will soon find, will be hot links over all sorts of content here.
  • Any link you click will dive into that area.
  • For now, just resolve yourself to the recognition that you're about to make your life a whole lot more genuine when you deal with something you never even realized was a topic.



Status Correction Course At Gemstone University


People Creating Private Societies & Shedding Their U.S. Citizenship, Why?  -- Part 2:
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Part 2: Ken Cousens joins the program to discuss how, thru his private society Panterra and his educational program, GemStone University, he is working to create a better society separate for the United States. He explains that the history of the United States is not what we have been taught and that a different version, one that keeps us tied to debt, is more accurate. His view of the world and his teachings is a paradigm shift for most Americans.

You can learn more about him and his work at


Ken Cousens is the co-founder of the Panterra private society and of GemStone University. Cousen’s organizations believe that the history of the United States and of our constitution is not what we have been taught. His organizations teach people a different version of our history and work to establish a different status for it’s members; that of Private American National.

You can learn more about him and his work at or at

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